Weird noises then computer freezes

  adswift 02:17 06 Dec 2005

Hi everyone,
I've been experiencing some problems with my computer during the last week and wondered if anyone could help a poor student out with some free advice? This is what happens:

When the computer is up and running I hear random clicking noises (complete with reverb) through my speakers. Once this starts happening, the end result is sooner or later my computer will either freeze or restart itself.
I've ran both spyware and anti-virus programs but my HDD appears to be clean. I've also recently purchased registry mechanic, which also insists there are no problems.

The only thing I can think of that may in some way be related is that usually I run two monitors off my system, but around about the time this problem started occuring I had been forced to downsize to using just one. At first load, when my mouse moved onto where the desktop should usually have been extended onto the 2nd monitor it froze. Afterwards in control panel I changed the display settings back to using just my primary monitor and this problem ceased. Could this be related?

I've done a bit of searching on other forums and this problem sounds very similar to most of what i've been experiencing:
click here

The only problem is, this is all double dutch to me! I'm a graphic designer and unfortunately not an IT expert. Therefore is anyone able to help out with some advice in layman's terms?

Anything right now would be of use, I really need my computer up and running for my university projects!

Take care,

  adswift 03:27 06 Dec 2005

I've managed to get another monitor to try and set up my system as it was before, but as I extend the desktop onto the 2nd monitor my wallpaper comes up distorted and then the computer freezes. Surely this must be related?

  Grantrh 08:51 06 Dec 2005

In my opinion it could be one of three things:-

1) Mobo

2) PSU

3) Graphics card

I would start by swapping the PSU and the graphics card if you can for maybe a borrowed or spare one and see if that makes any difference.

  adswift 12:24 06 Dec 2005

Thanks for the reply. I'm guessing mobo is motherboard. I can probably get hold of a graphics card today so I'll give that a try tonight. As for the PSU I'm pretty certain that my original one was replaced when I took my computer in for a service about 6 months ago when this problem was happening before.
I really do hope it's only the graphics card, I don't think I can afford a new mobo right now.

  keef66 14:56 06 Dec 2005

You might be pleasantly surprised to find it's cheaper to replace the mobo than the graphics card.

First though I'd suggest uninstalling the drivers for the graphics card you have and then reinstalling with the latest version.

  Gongoozler 15:15 06 Dec 2005

Hi adswift. As keef66 said, motherboards are generally cheaper than graphics cards. Motherboards range from about £50 to £150, while graphics cards tend to be from £50 to £500 (there are exceptions outside these ranges but I think I've covered the majority)

As for your problem, I don't think it's PSU, motherboard, or graphics card that is causing the problem. It sounds more like a resource conflict. Can you tell us what your computer consists of and what version of Windows you are using. What I would really like to know is what motherboard, graphics card and sound card you are using. If you don't know, download and run Belarc Advisor click here

  adswift 13:11 07 Dec 2005

Hi guys,
Thanks for the help. I managed to get hold of a friend's spare graphics card last night (same model, different make) and replaced it with mine. When I booted up, everything seems to be running fine! My computer even finally discovered a modem that had been connected to it for about 2 years. Weird.
It does however seem to be running slightly slower than usual, could this be because I didn't actually change the drivers but just the hardware?

  Gongoozler 13:49 07 Dec 2005

Hi adswift. Right click on a clear part of your desktop, select Properties - Settings - Advanced - Adapter. See if the correct graphics card is listed. If it isn't, then you will need to install the correct drivers.

If your computer is running slower than usual, do a scan for adware using AdAware click here, download and run Ccleaner click here and defragment the drive. This may help.

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