Weird Noise From Speakers

  bitterbanana 15:17 15 Feb 2006

Occasionally, at unpredicatable intervals, when either I left the speaker turned on or plugged a earphone into it, it makes a flatulent honk.

This isn't a joke. I get irritated by this noise when I'm busy understanding dialogue from a movie i'm watching.

My theory is that there is nothing wrong with my speakers or sound card, and that this must be a default Windows sound, like a error message, or the startup theme music.

Can someone identify the file so I can disable the honking?

  Ray5776 15:51 15 Feb 2006


  bitterbanana 03:06 16 Feb 2006

What's that supposed to mean?

  Ivor_Monkey 08:35 16 Feb 2006

.could it be that you have U2 playing in the background? :-)

  jack 09:11 16 Feb 2006

As soon as you hear the honk -take a deep breath.
Then you will appreciate what Ray 5776 meant.

Now to the serious bit.
When you get the 'honk' press Alt/Ctrl/Del
and check Window Task Manager- to see what else is running- and if necessary shut it down.

  Ray5776 18:56 16 Feb 2006

How are you getting on with the "Honking"

  bitterbanana 06:24 21 Feb 2006

Still persists.

  SG Atlantis® 06:33 21 Feb 2006

go to cotrol panel, sounds and audio devices. click the sounds tab.

click on the sounds one by one and press play.

Is it any of those?

  bitterbanana 07:14 21 Feb 2006

I tried that before. It isn't any of those.

It seems to sound off randomly, doesn't matter what applications I have or don't have open.

THe sound only pipes up when I listen through my headphones, which from what I have concluded, are perfectly fine. It happens randomly after I plug my headphones into the phone jacks on the speakers.

  jack 08:42 21 Feb 2006

When the phone jack is plugged in, I assume the speakers are then off.

If this is so ,the likely cause is the jack socket.

When the 'phone jack inserts, a spring contact plate on the socket is lifted thus cutting out the speakers. This then cause the speakers to dissconnect, in so doing a small arc is caused as the plate lifts.

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