Weird lines on monitor

  fazza8 09:19 22 Apr 2011

I have a Quad [email protected] 2.40GHz running W7 with Intel(R) 946GZ Express Chipset Family [Display adapter] GNR TS902W [Monitor] (18.6"vis, s/n 001359, May 2007)

My LG monitor started to display wavy lines but not all the time. Sometimes I got the noise made by plugging in new hardware quickly followed by the noise made by unplugging it. This could continue for some time if left unattended. I tried another monitor (GNR TS902W) with a new lead but the strange lines persist although in a slightly different form. About 3 times I have left my computer on overnight and in the morning the screen stays black and I have had to reset the computer. It has worked OK for a bit when I reset it.

Any ideas very welcome?

  johndrew 09:57 22 Apr 2011

This problem may have several causes. I would suggest you start by checking the monitor lead as bad contacts can cause this.

Other causes may be cured by re-seating your graphics card(s), re-seating RAM or corrupt drivers.

If you attempt to access the PC to re-seat cards/modules ensure the mains power is off.

  fazza8 10:14 22 Apr 2011

Thanks. I am not really a techy. Sounds a bit daunting!

  proudfoot 10:50 22 Apr 2011

Sounds to me that it might be a video card problem. I had a similar problem the PC would work for a while and then shut down. I suspected it was the card. When I took the card out, although the fan was running, when I rotated it by hand it was a bit stiff. I assumed the video processor was therefore over heating. A direct replacement was out of stock at the time, but I was able to buy one with a better spec. at the same price. My new card had a large heat sink in place of the fan. Replacement was relatively easy, the main point to note is to make sure you discharge any possible static electricity by earthing yourself before opening up your PC or taking the new card out of it's packing by earthing yourself. Boot up and install the video driver.

  spuds 11:00 22 Apr 2011

I notice that you have already tried changing leads. Have you checked the sockets that the lead fit into.

The other alternatives is to check to see if you have the latest drivers, or look if a component as come loose.

Another method might be to download a diagnostic program from somewhere like and see if that picks anything up!.

If the tasks are to daunting, then see if you have a local computer engineer or computer savvy person in your area, who might help in resolving the problem.

  proudfoot 17:04 22 Apr 2011

In the past I have used my local Computer shop and gat service at reasonable rates. I would avoid the big computer stores like the plague. Tey will fleece you.

  woodchip 17:11 22 Apr 2011

I would say you need a new Graphics card

  fazza8 08:52 24 Apr 2011

Thanks everybody. Looks like a new video card could be my first step. I did buy a bluray reader and my card won't play them so if that is not the answer it would be a sensible upgrade anyway.

Thanks for all your help?

  birdface 11:13 24 Apr 2011

Could it be you just need updated drivers for your graphics. Whether chipset or card. Device manager may show no updates required but that is not always the case.

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