Weird issue with laptop powering off.

  David Roberts 12:53 16 Feb 2019

Hi Guys,

My Dads laptop (12 ys old ish - windows 10) will suddenly switch off and power back up instantly, whether running any programmes or just sitting with windows desktop. No blue screen, no proper shut down etc. All checks/scans fine. The weird thing is, as long music playing via spotify is playing in the background, no shutdown will ever occur. What on earth is going on here? Cant be overheating/dodgy power switch. Cheers and confused. Dave

  KEITH 1955 12:16 17 Feb 2019

Hi Dave , just a few things worth trying , do you feel confident enough to change the CMOS battery , as it is 12 years old it could be dying and some settings that it is designed to save may not be getting saved.

Check to see if a windows update has changed how updates function , it might have changed to something on the lines of install updates in the background and restart after x number of minutes.

what antivirus software has he got , check its settings to see if something has altered and changed to shutdown or restart after a scan , as you know scans can auto run in background so this might also explain random restarts.

I may be wrong on all 3 points but anything is worth a try.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:44 17 Feb 2019

...........will suddenly switch off and power back up instantly............ No blue screen..........

Head over to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings (top left) -> Startup & Recovery Settings. Make sure your settings are like this:

Wait for another event to take place. Does the computer display a blue screen message now? If it does then we'll have something to work with in identifying the cause so post back. If this does occur then you'll need to hold in the computer's power button to turn it off.

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