Weird Headphone Prob with Laptop

  downundertwo 03:24 25 Nov 2014

Hi guys

Ive looked around and cant find a solution so far because this is a really weird problem.

Few days ago the sound from my headphone jack became weird, it's distant and distorted, when I hold the audio cable a certain way in the port its all good and all the sound comes through, also if I unplug my headphones, sound comes through the speakers as normal. The Headphones are fine (I tried on other devices and used different headphones on my computer). I thought "Oh the Audio Jack is stuffed.

Today I plugged my headphones into my Audio Mixer which connects to the Laptop via USB but its the same issue. Like exactly the same, sound is distant and distorted unless I hold the Cable (from the Headphones) in a certain way in the port. I played an audio file from a skype convo and THAT sounded fine without any messing around with the Audio Jack. The Windows "Test" for sound (you know the little chime thing), also works fine.

I dont know much about all this stuff but It seems like a weird surround sound thing? Like you have the wrong speaker plugged into the wrong port so the sound comes out weird because its feeding the real sound into a different port (if that makes sense?)

I dont know for sure but Maybe this was caused by the fact that I was gaming and playing a youtube audio clip at the same time and switching back and forth alot and in some weird way it messed something up in the background? (I dunno its a wild guess). Ive uninstalled sound drivers and disabled audio effects and set the speakers to "stereo" mode but nothing effects the way the sound comes through (And the Windows Audio Test still works perfectly).

Any ideas?

  BRYNIT 07:52 25 Nov 2014

Have you tried another set of head phones?

It sound like the head phone cable could be faulty. Head phone cable tend to get twisted/bent and eventually the wire strands inside tend to break causing an intermittent fault this also happens to laptop charger cables.

  SparkyJack 09:45 25 Nov 2014

I 'echo' brynit Faulty cable.

This usually is the junction tto the 3.5 mm plug or the 'Y' split.

Both weak points in manufacture and use.

  alanrwood 10:05 25 Nov 2014

Yes, a faulty ground connection on the headphone socket. The two signals (Right and Left) compete with each other and you only hear a difference signal.

  alanrwood 10:05 25 Nov 2014

Sorry meant headphone PLUG.

  wee eddie 11:00 25 Nov 2014

As the most usual point is where the Cable leaves the Plug Moulding your solution could be.

Buy a new plug > Cut off the old plug > Slip the new Cover onto the cable > strip back the separate cables to about 3/16th inch of bare wire > Solder that to the new terminals > screw the Cover into place

  downundertwo 21:14 25 Nov 2014

Yeah I tried other headphones and they all do the same thing. Like I said, its weird because the sound was messed even when I used a Mixer which went through the USB port, so it cant be a problem with the audio Socket if thats the case right? And I have already used the Windows test (The Jingle) and it comes through perfectly.

Its like the system is sending through 5.1 sound instead of stereo sound (I have no idea if those are the correct terms). So somewhere the settings have changed. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, used the Audio teck settings but it all says its set to stereo.

I realise this is not common so its prob hard to figure out(although Im sure the fix is "simple" when it is found!) Thanks for trying

  bumpkin 21:59 25 Nov 2014

If you think it is settings related have you tried a system restore.

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