Weird Graphical Failures on My PC

  Tristen 22:07 15 Apr 2017

So recently i have been having a rather weird issue with my graphics card, as shown in the screenshot below, it happens randomly after a few hours of usage, it is not frequently. What makes it strange, is the fact that i can screenshot it, it also happens on games and its quite annoying. My specs are:

Processor: Intel Core i5-6400 @ 2.7Ghz (Boost up to 3Ghz)

RAM: 8GB Ram

GPU: AMD Radeon R9 360

OS: Windows 10 64 bit


I would like to know why it does that and if theres a way to fix it, or is my graphics card failing. I would be grateful if someone could please help me!

  rickf 23:15 15 Apr 2017

The graphics card is on the way out. Needs replacing.

  Tristen 16:57 16 Apr 2017

But the computer is not even a year old, it was purchased on 5th of July Last year, how is that even possible, and its not even custom build, its the ACER Predator G3-710. I don't understand, wouldn't it be too early to be failing apart?

  rickf 17:05 16 Apr 2017

Try and see if you can get the latest drivers for your card.

  rickf 17:13 16 Apr 2017

Also if it is less than a yr old then you should take it back as it's still under warranty.

  Tristen 17:39 16 Apr 2017

I tried getting the latest drivers, but AMD software is so confusing and it ended up installing AMD R7 360 Drivers instead of the AMD R9 360, so i had to Update the drivers back to the R9 using windows device manager.

What is funny is that this weird glitch happens but it eventually goes back to normal after like 10 seconds or so, sometimes it stays there for longer. And there are days where the computer works just fine.

Is there any way i can update my drivers without the AMD ReLive or Catalyst softwares?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:15 16 Apr 2017

And there are days where the computer works just fine.

I doubt that it's a driver problem then.

I've seen this problem before and it was caused by an ill-fitting graphics card. In your case it could be only just making proper contact some of the time. Turn your PC off, open it up, remember to follow anti-static precautions then remove then refit your card making sure it's fully inserted.

  BRYNIT 18:48 16 Apr 2017

Tristen, I have just looked at the AMD web site. The drivers you require cover the Radion Fury, R9 300, and the R7 300 series graphics cards so the drivers you installed were the correct ones.

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