weird email problem

  Astrid 17:23 26 Feb 2007

For the past three days I've been unable, on first boot of the day, to download my email. The computer can't get past the first one, though it's clear it's trying to. If I restart then I can get it, but then later in the day the problem begins again. My operating system is Windows XP and I use Firefox browser and Thunderbird. I used to know a way of bypassing an email client and accessing via browser, but can't remember what the web address was. However, as well as the above problem, my machine is very much slower than usual, so slow that it takes far longer than usual to do a virus scan. I download virus updates daily so don't think this is the problem. Is there anything, other than a virus, that can be causing the problem?

  uesquebeathus 17:40 26 Feb 2007

more info on your computer hard drive ram cpu etc could help.

download a trial of A Squared from here:-
click here
do not in stall it yet
then start your computer keep tapping the F8 key , then select SAFE MODE then install and run the A Sguared
follow that by your anti virus, this is the best way to clean out spyware and some other nasties.
too much spyware can slow down a computer to a snails pace

  Jimmy14 17:41 26 Feb 2007

Do you regularly clean out your internet cache. This program will do it all,
click here
Have you defragmented your computer recently. This can be done my going to start, my computer, right clicking your Local Disk(C usually), clicking properties then click tools on the menu's at the top, you have options and you can click defragment now. When the Defragmentation window appears you can click analyze to see if your hard disk needs defragmented first.
Have you already ran a anti-virus check and anti-spyware check and did you get any results? What security programs do you have installed?
To check how many processes are running on your computer which could mean programs slowing it down, go down to the taskbar, right click it and then click task manager. On the bottom left of this window it should say Processes and a number beside it. How many is there?
Your computer could also be going slow because you have too many programs starting up when you boot the computer up. To check this go to start, click run, type "msconfig" then hit ok. When the window appears, at the top click "Startup". It will list the programs that start up. If there is any there you don't need to start up straightaway then uncheck the box on the left-handside and click apply. You will have to restart to make the changes effective.

  Astrid 18:23 26 Feb 2007

Thank you for suggestions. Yes, I clean my internet history out regularly as well as general disc clean. I've now managed to do a virus scan with Norton and it gives all clear. My computer is working fine at present, but tomorrow morning it will probably start over again. Yet again, maybe not.

  Jimmy14 18:44 26 Feb 2007

Have you booted up in safe mode and tried that A-Squared Scan? I also suggest that you try this online virus scan to be 100% positive you don't have any viruses,
click here

  p;3 19:16 26 Feb 2007

try also adaware

click here

and spybot

click here

and the free version of a squared
click here

which is well worth having on your comp anyway

update them all fully and especailly with adaware run a full deep scan with them ; see what they produce ;

  TequilaSunrise 21:44 26 Feb 2007

could it be your firewall? i used to have the same problem with my old computer. when it first started everything would be fine but half an hour later it wouldnt access my emails etc and i had to disable the firewall and then re-enable it for it to bypass it.

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