Weird calculation problem in excel

  hastelloy 09:49 18 Oct 2015

I have an excel file which has numbers in A4:A16 and D4:D16.

If i put =SUM(D4:D16) in E18 I get the correct total.

However, if I put =SUM(A4:A16) in B18, I get the total x 2. To get the correct total I have to put =SUM(A4:A16)/2 which doesn't make sense.

I have deleted the formula and re-entered it several times - always with the same result.

Any suggestions anybody?

  compumac 10:31 18 Oct 2015

Have you tried to delete ALL of the formatting contained in A4 through to A16?

  hastelloy 14:59 19 Oct 2015


Thanks for the thought but yes, been there, done that!!

  Housten 15:29 19 Oct 2015

Afternoon, hastelloy, I have been using Excel for many years now and have had similar things happen. I know this sounds obvious, but have you tried copy-and-pasting E16 into B16. I know it sounds stupid, but have done this on occasions and it has worked. And as long as it works, I didn't care how I got to it!

  hastelloy 16:07 19 Oct 2015

Thanks Housten - unfortunately that hasn't worked either.

  compumac 16:31 19 Oct 2015


I echo your posting exactly, but did not state it as I have no means of explaining why that should be.


Have you tried out of interest copying and pasting those specific cells into a completely fresh spreadsheet and see if that functions correctly?

  hastelloy 18:01 19 Oct 2015


I'll try that. It's not on my PC, it's on my friends and I'll see her on Thursday.

  lotvic 18:13 19 Oct 2015

Are you sure that A16 is not a total of A4:A15

  hastelloy 19:38 19 Oct 2015


An interesting thought but atm the value in A16 is 0.

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