Weird Belkin problem

  anicco 10:28 25 Feb 2006

Bit of a strange one that I cant figure out.... I have a Belkin router / modem unit, that has until now worked perfectly.

A couple of days a go it kept dropping the connection to my Laptop, so I connected it using the network cable and logged on to the 'set up area' (192.168 etc). Ever since I did this (and I don't think I changed any settings) the modem will not hold an ADSL signal (the one with the phone above it) unless it is connected to my laptop via the network cable. I can however, run another laptop wirelessly at the same time!!

I'm confused, can anyone help? Belkin helpdesk couldn't and then told me it was a problem with the phone line which doesn't ring tru as it immediately reconnects when attached via the cable.


  yzfr6 11:32 25 Feb 2006

I had same problem with belkin, green ADSL would be on then go off replaced with a new one same thing happened so went for netgear no problems

  anicco 12:57 25 Feb 2006

Are there any settings I could have changed that would affect the unit from obtaining an ADSL 'lock'? I can't think of any and reckon that the unit is playing up.

It has been working perfectly for about 6 months??!!

  keewaa 13:02 25 Feb 2006

Possibly an IP conflict if the wireless and cable are working at same time. Unplug the cable first then at a command prompt (start-run-cmd) try IPCONFIG /RELEASE and restart the laptop. If connecting in the future by wire temporary disable the wireless first (right click in network connections-disable, and remeber to renenable when unplugged again)

The drops outs can be caused by SSID broadcast being disabled on the router, if another network starts up in range, simply enable broadcast to check. Or change the wireless channel used. Once working make sure you then enable WEP/WPA.

  anicco 10:43 26 Feb 2006

It gets more strange!

Even if my laptop is turned off, if I leave the network cable attached it still works fine. If I disconnect it it drops the ADSL signal.

I then connected it to a spare laptop (not been turned on for about 6 months) and it was fine!! This laptop has never even been used on the wireless network.

Any ideas or is my router being inhabited by a spirit?

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