Weird backup problem. - adding space?

  Adam Herbst 19:37 01 Feb 2017

Hello everyone! So I have windows backups happening every week and I noticed that about every backup it is adding 8 gigs to my backups (i have a image and normal backups activated) This happens without me really downloading or adding anything (files etc.) to that hard drive. Anyone have an idea of What is going on? Is there a feature I have on that is doing this? It has been happening for months and I only have 30 gigs of space on my backup hard drive.

Any help would be great!



  Govan1x 07:28 02 Feb 2017

Wild guess is it is doing a weekly back up for you and maybe you should delete some of the old back ups.

Only assuming that is happening as I have not tried backing up before.

  Burn-it 16:33 02 Feb 2017

You may not have it set to do a full back-up each time rather than incremental.

  Burn-it 16:34 02 Feb 2017

delete NOT

  Bris 19:06 02 Feb 2017

If you do have it set to do incremental backups and you also do a weekly defrag, it will do a full backup each time, its to do with the way it determines what has changed but that doesn't explain why your backups are increasing in size.

Try noting the size of the drives you are backing up before each backup to see if you can identify the cause of the increase i.e is it the backups that are increasing for some reason or a genuine increase in the drive size also for some reason.

  Adam Herbst 19:39 02 Feb 2017

I think I am doing a full backup each week, cant find how to do incremental. Should I try a free backup program? Kind of wanted to limit 3rd party apps like that though. Also, will test it out this coming sunday again to see if it adds more space. - swear it is though.


  Adam Herbst 03:00 03 Feb 2017

It did it again, this time 5 gigs of additional space.

  mole44 04:58 03 Feb 2017

Tell you what i do as long as you have a Western Digital system on your system WD have a free cutdown copy of Acronis that does a clone of your drive i have two drives and alternate every week to clone my drive.In the event of a drive failing or drive infection it would take be litterally 5 minutes to swap drives,i usually do a clone overnight as it takes about 5 hours for my system and then it automatically swithches the machine of when it's finished.

  bumpkin 15:34 03 Feb 2017

Assuming that you only use that drive for backups, wipe the drive and use something like this click here to create backups.

  Bris 16:34 03 Feb 2017


What version of windows are you using and what software are you using?

As far as I know windows offers an image backup via backup & restore and file backup via File History which has a maximum period of 24 hours between backups.

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