Wednesday lightning alert

  Graham ® 09:29 19 Jul 2006

Cornwall and Wales in the firing line
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  rmcqua 10:38 19 Jul 2006

According to the met. office, nothing much expected until Thursday (maybe a few isolated bits overnight tonight, Wednesday).

  Graham ® 10:41 19 Jul 2006

I have to go down the M1 on my scooter for a service! Wouldn't you know it!

  NewestRoyWidd 11:08 19 Jul 2006

Hi,you're a braver man than I,using your scooter on the M1,and this is from the owner of a 1200cc Bandit! lol.(and that's not meant as disrespect to scooter riders)

  mole44 11:09 19 Jul 2006

lets hope like me you all have a surge protector just in case.i use a belkin,switch went on one of my units once got a return number ,job sorted (a new one).

  Graham ® 11:22 19 Jul 2006

It's not something I relish. It does 75mph, though. click here

  NewestRoyWidd 11:34 19 Jul 2006

Graham ®,mine's slightly faster,click here
But I still try to avoid motorways whenever possible.

  namtas 12:17 19 Jul 2006

Wednesday lightning alert

>>lets hope like me you all have a surge protector>>

I have to keep saying this, as I am concerned some appear to be not fully understanding the position, no disrespects to mole44 or surge protector manufacturers or suppliers.

A surge protector will not protect your pc or any other connected equipment if you are unfortunate to suffer the direct effect of a lightning strike at close proximity.

The problem I think arises because usually we can associate lightning with surges on the grid system which if severe enough can cause damage due to what is known as brown out, this is where the lights will dim and then usually come up again or simply flicker, your tv might go off and reset itself.

A surge protector will usually protect your system in this situation and everyone should have one for this reason, however a full blown lightning storm that is on your doorstep requires a little bit more awareness.

Surge protectors, protects against fluctuating surges in your incoming power supply and also in some case prevent surges in the telephone system.

At the first sign of activity Disconnect completely by removing the plug and also disconnect the telephone equipment and find another activity until it passes.

  VCR97 21:29 19 Jul 2006

I think that this was originally posted by octal some weeks ago.
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  VCR97 21:32 19 Jul 2006

That should be (I hope):
click here

  VCR97 21:33 19 Jul 2006

Oh well. Just click on mains-borne surge in the panel on the left.

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