wedding photos published?

  rbrtsmrvll6 09:00 08 Jul 2005

My daughter gets married next Friday and she wants all her friends to bring their digital cameras and take photos.

Then they are all to publish them somewhere on the internet so that they can all view all the pictures they have taken.

Is there anywhere that they can be published in this way?

  BT 09:06 08 Jul 2005

If you have MSN Messenger version 7 there is the oportunity to have some webspace for just this type of thing. You need to update to MSN messenger 7 to get this if you only have a previous version. The download is free and webspace is free.

  Stuartli 09:25 08 Jul 2005

There are literally dozens of such websites. Here's a few via Google:

click here

In addition many digital photo processing labs (online or retail) offer such facilities. One of the best known is Photobox:

click here

  hssutton 10:21 08 Jul 2005

Ok the simple way is to go to MSN Comunities click here you will see center top a link to "Create Your Own Album" all your family and friends will need to become members, extremely easy to do. Each member is allowed 3Mb of storage space with full control over there albums. you as manager can control the membership.

It's just a case of a few mouse clicks and you are up and running

  hssutton 10:23 08 Jul 2005

Sorry the link reads "Create your own group", not "create your own album" just takes approx 5 minutes

  rbrtsmrvll6 10:54 09 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone.

I'm sure that one or more of these will do the job.

  wallbash 13:54 09 Jul 2005

One last thought, this idea was posted a few weeks ago. I suggested a webpage using click here.

Only last week , i was emailed from the Bride, inviting me to see the results.

A big success, our only addition to the idea was to NOT to call the page for example Barbie and Ken's wedding day. This limited the future of the 'page'

So now call it ... for example Just , Barbie and Ken.
This allows future additions!

  TomJerry 15:23 09 Jul 2005
  Stuartli 15:44 09 Jul 2005

See my 9-25 posting...:-)

  Prism 15:46 09 Jul 2005

why not have a look at this site it may just be the answer.
click here

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