SLIMMERTIF 17:21 23 May 2005

Hi there,

Our web site is hosted by the company that designed it for us and they maintain it as well. I can add products and photo's and also change prices as and when I need. We were advised to got and try Google adwords, and from the enquiries we are receiving it appears to be working!!

My question though is about webstats. So that I can identify who is looking at our site, where they are and what they are looking at - the web hosting co has the webstats there - I just type in our url/webstat and bingo they appear. But.... I don't understand them!! Is there a help page anywhere that I can go and read, or can anyone here help me.

For example : when I click on April for example and look there Total Hits 37813 Total Visits 2074 - what is the difference? what is a hit and what is a visit? Also what is the difference between a hit and a file?

Further down that page there is a set of figures called search strings - what are these and how are they defined?

Total Countries? The top one is US Commercial - we don't offer our goods to the States, but I am thinking that maybe the strap business could be exported there, if there was a market.

Any pointers would sure help.


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