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  jz 15:44 03 Oct 2004

I've done a few simple website for free for friends who are self-employed and struggling a bit. I've always told them that they have to buy their own domain name and hosting.

Perhaps a cheaper way would be for me to get some webspace which has the capability of hosting several websites 'properly' (ie not using forwarding, cloaking or whatever it's called - perhaps someone knows the correct term to this!) I assume that most webspace only allows me to host one website 'properly' (eg click here), but I want to host maybe six (eg click here, click here...) I would then be able to charge each person less than what they would have to pay (or rather, get them to pay a yearly amount to a charity of my choosing so I can avoid tax problems). Any recommendations on a webspace provider?

  Forum Editor 16:28 03 Oct 2004

will provide you with a package which enables you to upload multiple sites.

All you need to do is have sufficient server space, then you can create a separate directory for each site. You can have multiple domain names parked in the space, and you just redirect each name to its appropriate directory. It all works seamlessly, and you can host as many sites as your space permits.

  Taran 16:45 03 Oct 2004

Forum Editor has outlined the simplest and least expensive way to approach this. There are other options but they are all far, far more expensive.

There are a few ways around the whole problem one of which is to get a reseller account with a good web host which basically allows you to act as a web host yourself.

An alternative, which is for higher level users, is to rent a managed server from a host and, once again, act as a web host yourself.

Costs vary dramatically and can range from hundreds sometimes into thousands and there are a great many pros and cons to both methods.

There are realistic options from companies like Web-Mania click here for single account web hosting with FrontPage Extension, CGI, MySQL, PHP support and so on for a mere £25 per year so I'm not sure what you will gain from a reseller account or by running your own server.

Normally a reseller or managed server option only becomes viable when you have a great deal of sites to handle and need a simpler and more efficient way to manage them. To be honest, if money saving is your genuine motive here (I don't mean that comment to question the point either) I'd suggest you look to one of the less expensive web hosts for each account or run them all as subwebs rather than look at a managed server or reseller account. Half a dozen accounts multiplied by a free subweb or by £25 per year for individual hosting is far better than many hundreds of pounds divided by half a dozen sites.

Take a look at Areti click here who offer a very well specified reseller option that goes by the name of Ares. It starts at about £300 per year and goes up depending on the features you require.

I am currently trialling a reseller account bought for me by my wife for a very reasonable cost, but until I've played with it and tried to break it I'd rather not mention it just yet. I'd hate to have you register for an account with them only to have things go that strange shape of pear.

Based on the amount of sites you want to play with I see no reason to do anything other than Forum Editors recommendation, and it will certainly be your least expensive path.

  jz 21:26 04 Oct 2004

Thanks FE + Taran.

For FE's suggestion of getting a package which enables me to upload multiple sites...

Suppose I want to host three domains (excuse the spaces which I've put in to stop all the click heres) www. site1. co. uk, www. site2. co. uk and www. site3. co. uk. Am I right in saying that two of them would have to be re-directed (eg site2 to www. site1. co. uk/site2, and site3 to www. site1. co. uk/site3).

I want to avoid re-direction since seach engines can pick up on the real locations as well, which I think is annoying.

So, with FE's suggestion, do I really get more than one domain hosted without any re-direction? If so, why do people bother with re-seller accounts?

  Gaz 25 22:02 04 Oct 2004

Yes, you do get more domains that are not redirections.

People use resellers to resell packages for the Hosting Companies and make revenue via it.

  Forum Editor 01:19 05 Oct 2004

I think you would be best advised to follow my earlier suggestion. one of the names will resolve to your web account, and you can upload a site there in the normal way. The create two extra directories - one for each of the other two sites. make sure you put the index.htm file (homepage) for each site in the root of the directory, i.e. not inside a subdirectory. Then point the appropriate domain name to its directory.

Web browsers look for an index.htm or index.html file, and when someone types the url of the site into their browser the DNS servers will find the location of the directory inside your space. The browser will do the rest. It's actually very simple to set up - more so than it might seem from reading my explanation - your web host will provide plenty of help, and so will we if you get stuck.

  jtt 13:01 05 Oct 2004

FE: Does this mean that in the status bar the user would see www. site1. co. uk/site2 for a short while during the time that the home page is loading? If so, is this not re-direction? This is what JZ doesn't want.

  Gaz W 19:42 26 Oct 2004

I did see a site that offered completely seamless URL masking somewhere, but have since been unable to find it - D'oh!

I'll have another look. If I remember rightly, the domains were a bit more expensive than usual, but probably worth it if it still works out cheaper for them...

About web-mania... I was going to go with them and host two or three of my own sites... 6GB a month was more than enough, but in the end some of its features didn't work the way I'd have liked them to I was after so I'm still thinking...

  Gaz W 19:54 26 Oct 2004

Well I've found a free subdomain one click here, but of course it's only a subdomain and you get ads. It does seem to do as it says... you even right-click an image and it says youraddress.tc6.net/image.gif or whatever.

Basically that is what the proper domain name one did, only it was better... still not found it!

  Gaz W 20:02 26 Oct 2004

click here

The prices are a bit steep at £9.99 for a .co.uk but it's probably the best you are going to find if the hosting is cheap.

Having said that, I host one of my sites for around £20 a year...

click here - standard hosting is £15 (not sure if this includes VAT or not)

click here - .co.uk domain names £1.99 + VAT a year (£2.34 I think that works out at) - minimum 2 year registration.

That is with 1&1 Instant Domain, which comes with DNS Management.

34sp.com give you 10 POP mailboxes, but no SMTP - extra, but you can either use your ISP's one or do what I did and install your own SMTP server (click here).

  Gaz W 20:03 26 Oct 2004

What I meant to say there was SMTP is available at extra cost.

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