Websites no longer secure message

  crespo 22:34 05 Aug 2018

After a recent update some of my favourite websites that are visited on a daily basis now have a " not secure " warning in the address bar. These are sites that long-term have been previously secure with no problem. A full system security scan shows no problems, so why is my browser suddenly reading these websites as not secure ?

  wee eddie 23:23 05 Aug 2018

It would help to know your OS and Browser

  Menzie 23:43 05 Aug 2018

Firefox and Chrome now mark any site that doesn't start with 'https' as not secure as https has become a web standard now.

As a result any site that is still using http will show up as not secure.

Chrome started this recently and Firefox earlier.

You'll notice that this site is now https, I believe it wasn't before.

  Edan 18:15 06 Aug 2018

The appearance of a warning is encouraging. most sites are unsafe and do not talk about it.

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