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  Phil930 18:14 04 May 2003

I'm creating a website and need to attach a file to one of the pages created, however am having problems.

Basically, what i want to do is.........when you click on a file on a web page a box opens up giving you the option to download is and where to save it, to open it from the current location or to cancel etc, well this is what i need on my webpage.

the document i am trying to attach is an Excel spreadsheet that i want end users to be able to download, yet all i can do is create it as a hyperlink and it opens in the same page without any of these options.

can someone please help me out here....


  Forum Editor 18:45 04 May 2003

and call it anything you like, as long as it means something to you.

Now put the Excel file into it. Make sure it's the actual file and not a shortcut.

Now create a hyperlink to the file itself. The link can be anything, a word, or a small image, or a button. Save the changes to the server.

Now, visitors to your site will get the file when they click on the link, and provided they have Excel installed on their computer they'll be able to open it.

  Phil930 20:02 04 May 2003

i don't know whether its because of me or a mis-understanding....

when i follow these instructions the file opens on top of the website without any of the options i wanted becoming available. that method seems to be the same as having the files anywhere.

when you say save to server, does that mean my computer?? its a website being created offline for a uni project and will never be online, i just require this ability. therefore, saving to my c: is the same as saving to my server is it?? if not, where is the save to server option?

can u tell this guy is confused!!


  Eagie 20:53 04 May 2003

Maybe someone will prove me wrong but I don't think you will ever get the download/save file option doing what you are doing as the file is already on your computer.

The server the FE was reffering to would be another computer hosting your website not your own machine. If you were to put your website onto such a server and then access it through the internet you would get the option you mention following the FEs instructions. As it is the file is already on your machine. A download means you are taking a file from one computer and putting it on to another - you are not doing this in this case.

However, if you place a link to the file on your website you could instruct people to right click on the link and select the save target option which will allow them to choose to save the file to a specific location.

  Forum Editor 22:07 04 May 2003

you must save the site to a web server for this to work. Saving the web to your hard drive is not the same, and it will not work correctly - especially if you have used any of the FrontPage components in the site. For them to work you'll need to save the web to a server that has the FrontPage extensions installed.

You don't mention which version of Windows you're running, but some versions (not XP) support Microsoft's Personal web server (PWS) which allows you to run a virtual web server on your own computer. This means you can run FP web sites on your machine, and they'll behave exactly as they would on an external server.

If you are running Win98 here's how to set up your personal web server:

1. Insert the Win98 CD.

2. Click Start, and then click Run.

3. In the Open box, type the following path to the Setup.exe file, where x is the letter of your CD-ROM drive:


4. Click OK.

5. Follow the instructions in Personal Web Server Setup.

  Taran 23:06 04 May 2003

If you only want the option to allow your site visitors to save the file as a download, compress it into a Zip archive and change the hyperlink to point to the Zip file.

Most browsers will autoload an Excel spreadsheet into the Internet Explorer browser shell for viewing without offering the option to download the file. This is one of the nice, helpful features of Excel/MS Office.

If you insist on it being a download rather than for general online viewing, create a zip file and hyperlink to it. You will then get the prompt of where on your system you would like to save the download which, if I'm reading your initial post correctly, is what you want.

Incidentally, testing this locally on your own system will not produce the desired results. You have to upload everything, as mentioned above, for it to work correctly from your web host server.



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