Website, White space,

  compumac 18:00 28 Sep 2014

This is the only website that I visit where there is a wide white horizontal space between

  "You are here HomepageForums Tech Helproom" 


   "Tech Helproom          Ask a Question"


Anyone offer a reason/solution?

  john bunyan 18:17 28 Sep 2014

How wide? mine is about 25 mm

  lotvic 19:41 28 Sep 2014

It depends on how much you have zoomed in or out of the page... (hold down Ctrl and move the wheel on the mouse) mine is about 4cm (one and a half inches)

Don't see how you can compare it with other websites? their layout will have been designed differently.

  compumac 21:04 28 Sep 2014

The white space occupies vertically more than my first posting complete posting. This scenario only displays on my main PC but on my laptops the website displays as expected, so I accept that the problem is somehow related to my setup.

So what could be the cause?

  Woolwell 10:14 29 Sep 2014

Adblocker? There is an ad above each thread.

  Woolwell 10:15 29 Sep 2014

Should have added in that white space.

  compumac 11:21 29 Sep 2014


I have three PC's including two laptops. My main PC displays the wide white space, my one laptop displays NO space at all with no advert, and the second laptop (now?) displays the advert you refer to!

All three are running IE 11.

Galaxy S4 phone shows no space and no advert.

Galaxy Tablet 10.5 displays advert???


Perhaps I should not therefore be concerned that there is anyting wrong?

  Woolwell 12:19 29 Sep 2014

The S4 will/should be displaying the mobile site which will be different.

Tablet probably doesn't have an ad blocker hence displays ad.

What adblocker(s) are you running?

It could be that the ads are taking a long while to load hence the white space.

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