Website uploading from MS Frontpage for free?

  bristolgirl 14:39 08 Jan 2006


How do I get my website uploaded from Microsoft Frontpage for free or a very reasonable price?

I really don't want to pay a lot as this is my 1st design and just an experiment really but all the same, I would like a reliable host.

Hope you can help!

  Forum Editor 15:04 08 Jan 2006

what you're going to do with this site first.

If you have a long-term plan to have your site permanently hosted you'll need to sign up with a 'proper' hosting company and register a domain name. Then you can upload your site and that's that.

If you simply want to have a bit of fun with a personal website you might find that your ISP's free webspace is the answer, although you may have a problem if you are using any of the special FrontPage features - like animated text or hover buttons etc. These features require components called FrontPage extensions to be running on the server, and your ISP may not offer that service (although FP extensions are free, and easy to install).

A proper web host will automatically offer FP extensions as part of the hosting package, or will add them for a very small sum.

Post back with your thoughts on all that, and we'll take things a stage further.

  bristolgirl 16:20 08 Jan 2006

Thanks for your reply!

I really want the latter option whereby it's just a bit of fun with a personal website.

My ISP is BT openworld/yahoo. I'm not sure where to find the free webspace.

I'm afraid I do not have anything clever like animated text. I'm still new and learning but I do have some photos.

  Forum Editor 18:22 08 Jan 2006

FrontPage does.

If you are a BY Yahoo customer you have free webspace with Geocities. Just login to your BT Yahoo account and click on the link on the left of the page (near the bottom) that says: Geocities web space

You'll find all the information you need if you browse the resulting page(s).

  bristolgirl 18:58 08 Jan 2006


I tried Geocities yesterday and didn't like the fact that they used my email address as part of my web address. I also couldn't upload my site from Microsoft Frontpage, even though it said I had done this sucessfully. It's probably just me!

Given all that, do you think that I should consider your 1st suggestion whereby I sign up with a proper hosting company?

Many thanks for your' help!

  bristolgirl 16:00 09 Jan 2006

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  PurplePenny 19:52 09 Jan 2006

That's just the way it works with web sites and the e-mail addresses that go with them (or vice versa). For instance I have free space with my ISP, PlusNet. My free space adress is in the format '' and my e-mail address is in the format '[email protected]'

  steve263000 05:47 11 Jan 2006


If you do not like the idea of your name being used as part of the web site address, you can, for a few pounds a year buy a domain name to hide it. There are plenty out there. For instance this one click here will sell you a name for a few pounds a year.

My own space is with Ntlworld, hence I have However, I have paid for click here for about $10 US a year. For me it was worth it, but for others maybe not.

What I cannot get with my web space is what the F.E. has mentioned, front page extentions and the like. But as it is mainly a personal site then that is not a problem.

  bristolgirl 14:04 15 Jan 2006

Thanks for all your' help! I might go for this one. Wish me luck.

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