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  Pesala 22:40 12 Oct 2003

I just finished uploading my website redesigned with Net Objects Fusion version 4.0

click here

Everything seems to load quicker than before, no doubt due to the absence of frames, and perhaps due to a more efficient directory structure.

Any constructive criticism will be welcome.

If you find the font too big in IE that is not my fault AFAIK. I designed it at 10 point Verdana and it displays at 10 point in Opera, but to get that in IE you may have to use the "smaller" font size setting.

If anyone can explain why this is so, I will be delighted. 00:07 13 Oct 2003

and you seem to have the size set at +1, which is very large in NOF. 10pt would be about -1.
Also, dont forget that most people still use IE.

Still looking good though (apart from font size).

Cheers, Whiz...

  Pesala 00:22 13 Oct 2003

I see the <+1> tag in the source code, but cannot figure out why NOF puts it in. The font is definitely set at 10 point Verdana: click here

It certainly has me baffled. 00:39 13 Oct 2003

I cant really offer any help, as there is a great deal of difference between your version and mine. The properties palettes in your screen shot vary from the ones in MX.

I did notice though that although size 10 is shown, it appears as +0 in brackets. Have you tried -1? In fact, on my own site I use -2.

Sorry I cant help, Whiz...

  Amadas 07:07 13 Oct 2003

I've looked at your site with IE 6.0 and the font size is fine. I also looked at it in NS 6.2 and the font size is rather large. Have you tried using CSS? This should help standardize the font size in most browsers. CSS is going to become the norm very soon, so we might as well get use to it.

It's always good to test your pages in different browsers and not just IE. IE is very forgiving and will guess at what the code should be. Netscape on the other hand is not as forgiving and forces you to ensure your code is correct if you want it to display properly. I'm not saying that it isn't, but what may look good in IE, will certainly look different in other browsers. Using CSS should help you overcome this difference.


  Pesala 07:24 13 Oct 2003

The result was a mess when the user chooses anything more than "smaller" font size. The font size at "medium" setting is still larger than 10 point.

So I returned to using "Nested Tables."

  Pesala 09:10 17 Oct 2003

Corrected the Font Size Problem and a few dozen other details. Should all be working fine now. I welcome any feedback though if people have trouble finding their way around.

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