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  juliejm 20:30 17 Aug 2006

I sucessfully set up a freewebs site two months ago. For some reason I am now unable to access the freewebs site on any of my 4 pc's. I have not changed any settings, however other people are still able to access the site on their machines. Can you suggest what is wrong?

  AndySD 21:58 17 Aug 2006

Contact freewebs it may be they have a blocking policy if too many pcs from the asme address log in at the same time.

  juliejm 22:08 17 Aug 2006

Thanks Andy, unfortunately I don't think that is the answer as I have only ever had one pc logged in at a time. I have just read about a DNS cache on XP - tried to flush it but nothing happened either. Site keeps saying - cannot find server...

  AndySD 23:45 17 Aug 2006

It may be your Hosts file or you have a virus but try ccleaner first.
Have you tried running any anti spyware softwase.

  juliejm 12:58 19 Aug 2006

Not sure what host files are or what to do with them - Can you help??
I have run virus scans but I don't have any spyware software. Why would all 4 of the pc's have same problem - could it be something to do with the service provider - it was freeserve-wanadoo, but it has changed to Orange?

  juliejm 19:05 21 Aug 2006

Is there anybody else out there that may have an answer to this problem? I have also found out that I cannot get onto the site either, yet I have always used this site in the past too.

Please help!!!!!

  AndySD 08:40 22 Aug 2006

Contact Orange, after looking arround on the net it appears there are problem with there service and certain websites.

  juliejm 17:46 22 Aug 2006

Thanks Andy. I have spoken to Orange and they have acknowledged there is a problem and hope to have it resolved soon. Fingers crossed!

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