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  skylark101 22:18 14 Apr 2009

A pal of mine has just started designing web sites after completing a web design study course, he has done a pretty good job; but there's something neither of us can understand: I checked out his latest site, and could immediately see problems while using firefox; some of his text was overlapping contact information on all pages of the site; I then checked the site in a recent version of I.E. and the text overlay was much worse, layers of text overlaying other text. Apparently I am the only person he knows that is having this problem, he has seen the problem for himself on my computer and cannot understand it. Has anyone any ideas on what is going wrong?

  skylark101 00:24 15 Apr 2009

Some one must be able to throw some light on this, even the P.C. Advisor Home page has a minor example of text overlay on the search panel, (at least it does on my computer)!

  Kemistri 02:14 15 Apr 2009

I wasn't going to bother commenting here but as no-one else has written anything, I guess I might as well.

I think that your website-development-newbie friend probably has a lot more to know about CSS and how to develop with it - including avoiding basic errors in the first instance and debugging them in the second instance.

It's not a particularly complex language to implement properly, so he must have done something fundamentally wrong to see problems in the 2nd most compliant browser available.

He needs to follow proper procedures to get the best results: develop in Firefox 3 or Chrome, debug in all common browsers continuously, stick to valid code, use proven coding principles, know the tricky bits in advance, and use a reset. In case he doesn't know what a reset is, he should click here (and complain to whoever ran that course).

Any more specific than that I cannot be, since you have not provided any information or a link to the project. If you can do that, maybe someone with more time to spare will look over it and give specific corrections.

  skylark101 14:19 15 Apr 2009

The link for the site in question -
click here

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