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  mrperfectpz 14:03 15 Mar 2004

I am using netobjects fusion 7. I have built a site at present but i am still learning and want to better it. Am i using the best software or are there better ones out there ?

Have a look at my site if you like and I would apprecaite any input about it eg: how and where i am going wrong or where i am right. the site is


  whatsupdoc 14:09 15 Mar 2004

i think that netobjects7 is one if not the best web programs around. its fairly simple to use and it works well for amateurs like me but I've been told that lots of pros use it as well.
PS i like the site very much apart from too many moving gifs that may slow down pages for those dial up customers
regards nick

  Taran 14:46 15 Mar 2004

Yours is a nice looking site and you should feel proud of it.

If you want some contructive criticism, I'd agree with whatsupdoc about the gif images. They don't really add anything to the site and take time to download over narrowband dial up connections.

I'd also suggest that you reconsider two main issues:

1. You've designed a default page size that does not collapse dynamically.

Fixed width is all well and good but on any screen resolution lower than 1024x768 you have a horizontal scrollbar and about a third of the page disappears. People don't mind vertical scrolling too much [within reason] but research has shown that horizontal scrolling is a big turn-off for many web surfers. You could possibly lose visitors due it this.

2. You've wasted some of your screen real estate by filling the left hand panel with stsic images, animated gifs and the hit counter.

Don't get me started on hit counters. In brief, they take up screen space that could be put to better use, most web hosts offer far more accurate statistics as part of your hosting account than a web counter can provide and do you really want the world to know that you've had a grand total of 157 visitors ?

If you removed that left hand panel altogether your layout would be very slick and it would also go some way towards addressing the screen resolution problem.

And to answer the other part of your question, NetObjects is something of an enigma in that it is possibly the easiestof the WYSIWYG editors to get to grips with yet it also has a shedload of advanced features available to it. In fact, if you can get a handle on it yes, you can take it right up to commercial level. So no, I don't think that a change of your editing software is required. Some other editors may offer more in certain areas but all of them require far more work and knowledge to implement than NetObjects.

I'd stick with what you've got and tweak the site you have. It looks very impressive as it stands and if you got the page size/screen resolution problem sorted you'd be onto a serious winner. Drop those features that give it away as an amateur site [no offense intended] and you'll be sitting pretty.

Well done so far and as things stand, you have a good site that could very easily be a great site.

Keep us all posted.



  IClaudio 15:48 15 Mar 2004

An informative site - however, I think you should introduce some consistency to the links. At the moment, some photos lead to a link (Players Profile's ... and here, the apostrophe's in the wrong place), while others don't (Ladies Pool and Top Shots). SOme of the headings (Forum, Winter League) don't have a graphic at all. And the titles are underlined in blue, so they look like a link, but aren't.

There's a lot of white space on several of the pages, that could be tightened up.

Clicking on the main banner (very nice graphic by the way...) should lead you back to the Home Page.

DId you Local Publish your site before Remotely Publishing it? There seems to be an awful lot of strange code, which makes for longer loading times... And have you have you set Text Styles in NOF? Again, there are an awful lot of 'FONT color' and 'FONT Face' statements which in theri turn make for long loading times. All this, together with the animated GIFs (like the others here, I'm no fan of them...) must make opening your pages a bit of a trial for dial-up users.

Finally: can I enter the Caption Competition?

'OK, where did you Eskimos hide the cue ball?'

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