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  Solartopi 20:20 21 Jan 2007

Hi Gurus,

I want to set up my own website. I've been advised to use Microsoft FrontPage 2003.I have Microsoft FrontPage but how could I tell if it's Microsoft FrontPage 2003 or not

Please can anyone plese advise.



  Nellie2 21:13 21 Jan 2007

If you look in your programs list, Start > All Programs > Microsoft will be listed as Microsoft Frontpage 2003.

But if you run the program then just click on help in the toolbar and then About Microsoft Frontpage and that will tell you which version you have.

  sean-278262 21:20 21 Jan 2007

Solartopi depending on what you want to do you could use any version of frontpage, microsoft office allows you to design webpages and is easy to use. There are 100s of free guides online and programs to help you do it. You could even take to learning HTML and programming it yourself in notepad. This is easy to do and fun as you can make the page look as you want it to.

I would advise you look at publications aimed directly at web design, assuming I can suggest one here. .net is readily available and easy to follow the guides.

  Solartopi 21:32 21 Jan 2007


Just found out as you suggested, I have Microsoft FrontPage 2002



  Solartopi 21:38 21 Jan 2007

Creature of the Nite,

I want to design a Family History Website.



  sean-278262 22:06 21 Jan 2007

"I want to design a Family History Website."

Any of the above suggestions would work fine for you, Front page is probably the best of the cheap options. However there are free options that offer some features you may want to look at. Ideally start with something small and simple to get used to doing all the things you need to know. Then do the designing of your site. That way it ends up looking as you want it rather than a missmatch of attempts to do something you dont understand.

Good luck on the project and feel free to post in the webdesign forum for advice to make it better.


  Solartopi 23:07 21 Jan 2007

Creature of the Nite,

Thanks very much for all the advise. Yes, thanks I will most probably have to come back for more info. Have you designed your own website? Of course everything takes time.

Thanks once again


  Woolwell 23:15 21 Jan 2007

The Family Historian 3.1 program will create a family history website for you. I have previously created a family history website using FrontPage and found it tedious and the end result wasn't as good as that created by Family Historian.

  anchor 10:46 22 Jan 2007

For future postings on this topic, you may find the dedicated Web-design forum on this site more useful.

  Solartopi 20:09 22 Jan 2007


Thanks for the info. The Family Historian 3.1 - I always thought that these programs were pretty pricey & you have to update them freqently with each new version. Of course, you have used it and must know how good it must be.I will difinitely love to get something that will lead me gently into the process, as this subject is quite extent. Is this on CD or do you have to purchase it online & download.


  Solartopi 20:11 22 Jan 2007


Thanks, I didn't think of that. I will go in there.


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