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  coolteentom 18:54 26 Jan 2005


I have recently been doing an artist website for my dad. It is really just an experiment, as I have never really done anything like this before.

Could anyone please give me any advice on the website, and also how to improve on search engine rankings?



  Forum Editor 19:45 26 Jan 2005

and we'll be delighted to comment.

As far as search engines are concerned...........enormous subject. The engines will find you, so don't get too involved in the meta tag subject. Condensing a volume into a few words - you'll improve your ranking if you make your site unique, or as near unique as you can manage. That might sound a little vague, but think like this:-

If your site dealt with the genetic implications and possibilities of breeding the rare lime-green Andalusian crested ferret you would almost certainly come right at the top of all search engine returns. Publish a site that showcases Kylie's best bits and you'll find yourself lost in a deluge of similar offerings.

In the world of the search engine being special is good. Make your site as interesting as possible, update it regularly, make sure your index page has text which adequately describes the content - "My Dad's picture site" is not going to be nearly as effective as "wonderful images of the Lake District".

Post that link to your dad's site and we'll get down to specifics.

  coolteentom 20:02 26 Jan 2005

Thanks for your quick replies fourm member and Forum Editor.

Sorry, I am really slow today and I can't believe I forgot to put the link in!

Here it is: click here

Cheers ,


  Forum Editor 00:28 27 Jan 2005

at site design you have every reason to feel very pleased - it's an excellent site.

I agree with fourm member that hit counters are definitely out - they do shout 'amateur effort'.

The navigation needs some work - it's not at all intuitive, and will irritate visitors. all you need to do is repeat that very good main menu on each page. Otherwise you have made a very good job of it - I don't normally like black as a background, but you have made it work with your good text colour choices, and it forms the perfect foil for the images of your father's work.

  Talented Monkey 00:38 27 Jan 2005

i have a few niggling points, one pet hate of mine is being confronted with a "click here to enter" splash screen. personally i would do away with the existing index.htm page and simply replace it with the existing home.htm also maybe making some of the text contrast a bit better, its a little bit taxing on my eyes at this time of night. ok apart from that it seems pretty much ok.

another suggestion, ditch your BT web space and splash out on a few quid for a proper domain name and webhosting. i wont go into advantages of this now, but it will be better in long run.

As for search engine rankings, i would try and optimise for "John Lancaster artist" if your father is well known people may just type his name in to see what there is about him, and indeed google does throw up some interesting results!

  neil_raj 18:46 27 Jan 2005

I'm building my own site too for the first time and was thinking of a black background, now seeing yours I'm more than convinced (with the right text colours etc) that it works. Thanks for sharing the site with the forum.

Good luck in the future...... Neil.

  coolteentom 18:16 29 Jan 2005

Thanks for all this fantastic advice you have given me everyone!

I will sort out the navigation bar, and the counter etc. which you have suggested, also I will try and add some text for search engines.

I did originally have the home page as the menu page, but as you said Fourm Member, it helped with infomring people about the website, and included important keywords.

Hopefully also I will be able to get a decent host and domain name!

Thanks neil, and same to you.

Cheers everyone, you have all given me great confidence,


  coolteentom 21:29 02 Mar 2005

Hi people!

I have had a crack at some of the changes to the website, and also at the time this message was sent the website was top of google for 'John Lancaster artist'. I would really appreciate it if anyone has any more advice on anything.



(I am also looking to put the website on a proper web host with domain name soon)

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