Website review needed !

  imjasonurnot 00:12 20 Aug 2004

Hi, just redid my site here is the
1st one
click here
then after some help from this group I did my
2nd attempt
click here

and here is my brand new site
click here

Im looking for suggestions on layout, usability, and any other suggestions
On a better user experience.

Also im looking for SEO help, as I have done a few things to improve my search results in google, yahoo, msn & more.

Im looking for any ideas and don’t hold back if u don’t like something tell me.

Thanx for your time.

  imjasonurnot 19:31 20 Aug 2004

thanx for all the feedback

On the second site your search had a site search option selected by default. Good idea. Now, you just have a Google search right at the top which implies that people should be finding somewhere better to be

->Will fix in the next few days

This is a very long page. I'd be inclined to break it down to make it easier for people to find the exact bit they are interested in.

-> I already did make it shorter, will keep working on that.

The links at the bottom are confusing because they run into one another. In IE6, I struggled to pick up the link I was testing. Bobby click here will (and does) slap your wrist hard for having a run of links with no separation.

-> fixed that, will also look at more ways to do this. I love css.

And talking of the links I assume Frovich is a customer and you're doing them a favor but it looks odd having that link included

->removed that and few other unrelated sites

But, here's the rub - Google finds over 7 million sites with the word 'spyware' in them so getting a high search engine ranking is never going to happen for you.

-> I will then look for different variations/misspellings of the words and others like it. and I saw a good post
that said - check your web logs and see how people are getting to your site and use that to focus on your keywords

You need to use other ways of promoting your site.
-> I do several, paid inclusion, google ads/paid to click, targeted traffic, banner advertising.

i will keep working on it
and i am just starting to learn html..

  imjasonurnot 23:13 20 Aug 2004

true true
but we need to use both methods to get people to our web sites

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