Website review needed

  Mr A! 17:34 10 Jul 2004

I have just about completed my website, and would like some feedback. The website is located at click here

  Mr A! 17:38 10 Jul 2004

Sorry, here is the correct web address:

click here 02:12 11 Jul 2004

there seems to be no content on the pages. You click a link, only to be taken to a page with more links on it.
Also, the justified text looks terrible. There is not enough text to justify justification, if you know what I mean.

It is a neat looking site, but consists of mainly blank pages with a box of links at the top. Try and get some more text or graphics on the page to add interest.

Sorry to be a bit of a put down, but you should make it a little less boring. Good luck, Whiz...

  PurplePenny 19:20 11 Jul 2004

... err .... no it isn't!


  Gaz 25 01:14 12 Jul 2004

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
| Valid CSS2

In Opera and it messes up.

  Gaz 25 01:16 12 Jul 2004
  Taran 13:26 12 Jul 2004

"if an ASP file is sent to your computer from the web server, firstly, the server will run the HTML code; and then, run the ASP code..."

No it doesn't.

Either I'm reading this wrong or the explanation is wrong.

The web server processes an ASP page request as follows:

1. it reads the ASP in the file that the browser has requested from a link in an HTML page or by typing the address to the ASP page into the browser address bar (I'm including favoutites links in this broad description)

2. it (the web server) processes the commands held in the ASP file

3. it sends the HTML (or XHTML) output that processing the ASP script produces back to the browser, which displays it as a web page.

The browser may display a filename.asp extension in the address bar but the only code the browser gets is (X)HTML.

"Active Server Pages are HTML pages with embedded ASP scripts..."

It is possible to run an ASP page with no HTML for the ASP code to be embedded in, so an ASP page is not always an HTML page with embedded ASP scripts.

There are lots of similar errors and misinformation.

Like I said above, I could be reading it wrong but from my brief look at a few pages on the site there seem to be a lot of details that fall short of the mark.

  javaBalls 21:04 16 Jul 2004

I thought that the front page was pleasing to the eye.

But as soon as I clicked on a link it was like being taken to anther website!

There is no consistency the other pages are horrible. I don't even want to read what is on the pages becasue they look terrible. (Also lots of adverts.)

Do you use CSS?

Sorry to sound harsh, but I'm only saying what I feel.

If only the rest of your site looked the same as your front page then I might give it a chance.

  arfry 08:00 21 Jul 2004

The basic layout is nice ... but the choice of pale-coloured text on a white background is not good. It could - sorry, WILL - cause problems for people with sight problems.
There is a lot of work going on to improve web access for people with disabilities and numerous recommendations about.

  Mr A! 16:01 31 Jul 2004

Working on colour scheme or an alternate css sheet.

after reading some comments somewhere, i have to get permission from a website webmaster before linking to their site. Can't remember where i read it, so that is why there are only two download links so far.

It was on a free host while i was searching for a descent web host. I now have my own domain, click here hosted with 1&1.

Aden Walker
(Mr A!)

  Charence 17:34 31 Jul 2004

...reading what the website says is a challenge because of your choice of colours which blend in TOO well with the background, maybe choose a darker shade of orange and grey or a different background colour.

Also is the re-direction process necessary? It would be better if everything loaded instantly.

Occasionally all the formatting of the webpage dissappears, making the font Times New Roman and causing adverts to appear.


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