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  ionsurge 18:44 06 Jan 2003
  ionsurge 18:44 06 Jan 2003

Hello all, this place is a really smart forum, but over the last few days I haven't been able to access this place, but anyhow to the point.

I have finished the design of (click here) and I need to know if it works with all of your browsers/resolutions.

I do not mind criticisms of the website, and I will take them into account.

Mind you, all of the links, apart from the forum will not work. I am just requesting feedback concerning the main page, loading time, etc.

Thanks all!

  jazzypop 18:54 06 Jan 2003

Displays fine on IE6 @ 1280x1024, but the main body text is very difficult to read ( I have excellent eyesight).

I think it is a combination of the font size, and the lack of clarity of certain colours. Perhaps it is also to do with the extreme contrast between the text and the background, as the menu typeface is a lot easier on the eye.

Can't actually see how to enter the forums either - presumably through the login link? If so, I got an 'error on page' message in the IE status bar.

If the body text can be resolved, the actual layout is clean and appealing.

  ionsurge 18:56 06 Jan 2003

Okay, I will try and increase the font size somewhat more...

If you want to access the forums, just click on forums from the side menu.

Or go here: click here

  €dstow 19:05 06 Jan 2003

OK in Opera, Netscape and OE6. I agree with jazzypop about the text being a bit difficult.

I am known in my studio as being one for "less is more" but in the case of your site I think less is less and you could, perhaps, put a little more colour in it. The blue square near the bottom right looks a bit lonely. It needs balancing first of all with a colour block on the left and overall some more colour on the page.

Just my opinion.


  jazzypop 19:06 06 Jan 2003

Sorry - "lack of clarity of certain colours" should have read "lack of clarity of certain characters"

  ionsurge 19:10 06 Jan 2003

I have made the text larger.

In regards to the colours, all of the site will hopefully (fingers-crossed) will be completely customizable by the users themselves.

  ionsurge 19:13 06 Jan 2003

Actaully, it seems that it didn't work quite right... I am putting the text problem right now... and hopefully it will look bigger.

  €dstow 19:18 06 Jan 2003

You have a lot of space available in the focal area (centre) formed by the very long wording in the left hand column. This ought to be better balanced. You could increase the font size of the main text even more to make easier reading. If you don't want to do that, play around with some different fonts that may be easier to read at such a small size.

I still think the blue block need a balancing influence on the LHS.


  ionsurge 19:19 06 Jan 2003

Okay, the text has been fixed now.

  €dstow 19:21 06 Jan 2003

There are more hotspots than are obvious e.g "copyright" could you emphasise these as you have done with [here].


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