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  aksuzbero 13:27 16 Feb 2009

hi guys,
i'm thinking of buying a computer off click here for £400.
but when i add it to my basket and remove all software it is fine. but you can select the quantity of software you want to remove, and it keeps on removing £50. is this a glitch?
next, if i added a processor, would it automatically build the computer with that processsor.
check it out .

  aksuzbero 13:30 16 Feb 2009

blank. could i just pop in my xp disk and install xp?

  MAJ 13:57 16 Feb 2009

If you have all the relevant XP drivers for all the hardware contained in the PC, INCLUDING THE sata drivers for the hard drive (if it uses a SATA hard drive). You'll need a floppy disk to install the SATA drivers during the XP installation. If you don't have a floppy drive (external or internal), you'll need to create a "Slipstream" CD containing XP and the SATA drivers, else XP wont see the SATA hard drive.

  DieSse 15:31 16 Feb 2009

"....could i just pop in my xp disk and install xp?"

What XP disk do you mean?

If you mean an XP CD, is it already installed on another computer? - Then no the licence is for a single computer only.

Has it already been installed on another computer then taken off? - then if it's an OEM CD, then no, the licence doesn't allow that - if it's a retail CD then you are allowed to swap it to another computer.

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