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  redbarron 15:53 04 Jun 2007

Since downloading some rubbish today I am constantly getting advertising pop up's even when not connected the net. I already have a pop up blocker, but it does not seem to be helping with everything. Sometimes the advert shows, other times the screen just keeps flashing.

The other thing that happens is, when typing something, I look up at to see what I have typed only to see that it has frozen and not completed the line of text.

I have Norton Antivirus 2007, which i checked for latest updates and ran a full scan, but it didn't show up anything.

Any suggestion welcome please.

  Jackcoms 16:42 04 Jun 2007

Download, update and scan with a decent anti-malware program such as click here

  p;3 18:37 04 Jun 2007

try downloading , fully update and run on full deep scans to see what they bring back::))click here

click here

click here

  redbarron 14:29 05 Jun 2007

Tried you're suggestions, but none of them worked. I even tried turning off my Norton Antivirus 2007 and doing a 'System Restore', but that didn't work either (system restore didn't work that is).

I'm hoping someone can come up with a solution, otherwise it might end up with a full reinstall. I hope not as it's so time consuming.

Help please.

  Aargh 15:19 05 Jun 2007

Try running NoLop.exe which can be downloaded free from within this link

click here

There are several popup parasites about that common malware programs seem to miss.

I'd be interested to know how close your Norton subscription is to expiry is. The reason is I suspect something in Norton is programmed to make your system sick and encourage you to renew soon as.

The basis is this: I ran NIS 2007 along with adaware & spybot without problems until recently, when NIS started warning/reminding me my subscription was due. About the same time my system became suggish & unstable.

I couldn't detect any malware, until out of frustration I binned NIS and downloaded ZoneAlarm & AVG Free & AVG anti spyware. AVG AS immediately detected a trojan called downloader.obfuskated.en,and several files called grid active.exe, longhide.exe, ohloqnrp.exe, readmethelongjugs.exe, stop loud.exe & bis1.exe

Maybe I'm paranoid, but after a long time with no problems, it all seemed a bit of a coincidence that NIS was trying to get me to renew. Search you system with a free download of AVG & AVG anti spyware and see what you get.

  redbarron 16:09 05 Jun 2007

Thanks for the advice. Will download and see what occurs. I have 167 days left on NAV2007, so I wouldn't have thought that could be the problem.

I'm currently running SUPERAntiSpyware Professional, which seems to be finding allot of stuff. Only problem with it, is it's very slow.

I've been finding that once I have run all these different softwares all seems fine for a short while. Then just when you think you've cracked it, up come all the pop up adverts like they are going out of fashion. Very frustrating.

Will get back to you later with results. With the speed things are going at the moment it will probably be tomorrow.

Thanks anyway for now.

  p;3 17:15 05 Jun 2007

superantispyware , when run ON a full deep scan WILL be slow ...and thorough::))

you might wish to hold on to these links to as you may end up getting sorted on the specialist forum
click here

  redbarron 09:42 06 Jun 2007

Just downloaded AVG Anti Spyware, Malware and Anti Virus to try.

I tried NoLop.EXE after running Superantispyware Pro but it didn't find anything.

I ran Superantspyware Pro which found several things.

One thing that does keep cropping up is 'Trojan Duncan.Process and CLSID. Even straight after a scan and deleting it, it returns, but is blocked by Superantispyware program.

I did manage I think, to delete one file by running a search through windows.

So far it is all quiet on the malware front at the moment. But I've been led in to that false sense of security before, so I'll still run all of the above programs to see what they turn up.

Will let you know the outcome later.

  redbarron 09:44 06 Jun 2007

Wil also check out you're link. Thanks

  p;3 16:38 06 Jun 2007 many antivirus programs do you now have on there?

and I strongly siggest you get checked out ON the malaware forum

did you register with them yet?

  redbarron 08:15 07 Jun 2007

I ran the AVG program which found loads of stuff, mainly Trojans. Although affective, I have now taken of AVG as it slows down boot up time, plus I don't feel it good practice to have mote than one anti virus program running at the same time.I still have 5 months use left on NAV2007 and feel it best to get the remaing use out of that first.

I am still getting one or two adverts popping up along with the screen flckering and text freezing when typing.

Will register with malaware and see what I can find there later.

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