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  kentylad 10:48 22 Mar 2004

Basically, I have a website which I have set up for my mates so that they can logon and see some pictures from nights out etc. However, with me being at university; I am on a 100MB/S LAN and do not even contemplate thinking about you poor people on a 56k (or even less!). So, when i comes to displaying large amounts of pictures, it will load fine for me. However, with people on dial-up etc - it is painfully slow.

How can i display large amounts of pictures and still be dial-up friendly. I have access to dreamweaver.

Kind regards


  caast©? 11:04 22 Mar 2004

Use a good photo editing package that can reduce the size of the pictures.

Many will optimize them for web display and will give you download rates for various modem speeds.

Also if you dont need all the background stuff in your pics you could crop them to a smaller image size.

Have you thought about pre-loading a few of them as your home page is being loaded. May take a little longer to load, but once it is there you can at least have a set of photos preloaded.
If your using thumbs and links to larger views, you could spread the load so to speak and have them loading whilst other things are being done.

One a couple of sites I have I have reduced pictures to 1 pix by 1 pix and use them as full stop (period) in text page, so as you read the text the pictures are loaded for the next page.

  tomleady 12:05 22 Mar 2004

you'll probably find that somewhere at your uni, there will be access to Photoshop. Its dead easy in there, open the image

go to>File> Save for Web> in here you can change the image size and it constrains the size so that its all in proportion. you can change the qualirty of the image aswell, most of the time you can never notice difference but the file size change wil be massive.

  ©®@$? 12:27 22 Mar 2004

microsoft do an image resixer part of power toys i use it for my site, it changes a 800kb picture to 80kb without loosing any quality

its only 500kb download i use the one for xp

this is it click here

  kentylad 14:16 22 Mar 2004

Thanks for the suggestion guys. What I currently do is reduce the SIZE (not quality) through MS Paint as it's simple and free! (albeit time consuming!). I think the most economically viable option would be to use the image re-sizer as suggested by ©®@$?

Also, I currently just resize the picture to create linked thumbnails, but also dont reduce the quality. Would it be a good idea to reduce the quality of thumbnails, but keep the quality when linked to a larger image?


  slowhand_1000 14:41 22 Mar 2004

I have done a site with thumbnails on and they are about 75 px square and about 1.5kb in file size. They look good enough to get across what the picture is. They then open up to about 300 px square and are about 20kb in size.

Don't forget that viewing at 72dpi screen resolution you can get pin sharp images at very low file sizes. Rather than putting photo/print quality images online that look just the same on screen.

Also one thing to keep in mind for dial up is far too often you see a page full of thumbnails that scroll down forever. Don't forget although the images may be small, if there's a lot of them the page will still take a while to load.

Consider maybe keeping the page down to an acceptable limit in size (40, 50 kb) therefore having a few pages that load quick as opposed to just one that takes forever.

  tbh72 14:44 22 Mar 2004

When designing your website Frontpage has a nifty feature which estimates "time to load" a page, this can be found bottom right on the status bar. It will assist you in deciding how many pictures to add to each page. Another option is to preload the images into the cache, as your visitors go from page to page looking at the pictures this should give you valuable seconds of pre loading time?!?!?

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