Website photos (Serif package) - basic help?

  bri-an 11:03 22 Apr 2005

I am new to this, and using Serif PagePlus8 to produce a simple kind of website for myself.
I have photos from my digi camera (1600X1200, 200Kb approx) and wish to put thumbnails in a 'gallery' page and then a link so that a 'larger' image is available to view.
I am putting the 'Gallery'(with about 10 thumbnails) on one page and then making a new single page for each enlarged image linked (hope this is an acceptable method?). The 'mechanics' of the linking, I can manage. But photo sizing, compressing, etc. is giving me problems, and I am concerned about slow opening of the site if all the larger pictures have to download, or will they only download when a thumbnail is 'clicked'? (told you I was new to this!, sorry if that's a dumb question).
Any advice on how to produce acceptable image sizes etc would be most helpful. I have Serif PhotoPlus 5.0 - but am getting 'lost' with it!!
Thanks, any help - not too technical if possible, - greatly appreciated.

  bri-an 14:52 22 Apr 2005

Thanks for that, it gives me something to go on , and increased my minimum knowledge level!
Will now look at my photo packages to see what I can find. Cheers.

  Pesala 17:20 23 Apr 2005

PhP 5.0 is good enough, but you can upgrade for free, so why not do that? click here

Or try Irfan View: click here which has a feature for creating thumbnail galleries: click here though you may prefer the greater control of doing that in Page Plus as opposed to an automated process. It depends how many photos you want to add to your gallery. Ten is fine, but if it gets to be too much work, I would recommend Irfan View.

Photo Plus has an image optimiser which gives you a preview of the quality you will get when you export your original image with different compression levels. I'm getting around 236K at high quality with a 1600 x 1200 image, which is crystal clear. If you're worried about saving server space, slow uploading, or want to let dial-up users enjoy your site, that can be reduced to around 110K while retaining decent quality. That equates to a setting of 50 in Irfan View and position 7 out of 11 on the export optimiser in PhP6.0

Irfan View is not a photo-editing package, so if you need to touch up photos to remove blemishes, etc., stick with PhotoPlus. However, if all you want to do is convert photos to thumbnails, and optimise pictures for the web, Irfan View has batch processing features that could speed things up. click here

For refrence on Image Formats bookmark this site: click here

  Pesala 17:28 23 Apr 2005

You might also consider scaling all of your photos to 800 x 600 for convenient display in browsers. Most users would scale the photo to fit anyway, so you're just wasting bandwidth. That would reduce the filesizes to 25% You could add a link to a high quality image as I have done on this page. If you link directly to the high resolution file on your disk, Page Plus will upload it automatically. You don't need to create an HTML page for it.

See how it works on this page: click here

A thumbnail linked to a medium resolution image for convenient display in a browser, and a text link to a high resolution image for downloading, but less convenient display in a browser.

  bri-an 08:27 24 Apr 2005

Many thanks for all that info, I have been experimenting with Irfanview (although I've not yet worked out the 'batch' process method!! - slow learner!!) and will now follow your links and see if this does the trick.
Will post successes , or otherwise, later. Cheers.

  bri-an 08:52 24 Apr 2005

Yes, the link to 'batch process' was exactly what I needed.
I am taking photos from my digital camera, and wanted a page of about 10 thumbnails linking to larger photos - as they are only 'snaps' type pics, great detail (as with maps etc) is not required, so I will now experiment with re-sizing, but ,as you say, 800X600 is a 50% reduction from what the camera produces, and so I will probably use this as my 'standard'. I keep all my photos backed up on CD's so the warnings about being careful not to let the process alter the originals won't apply. Many thanks again.

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