Website, opinions please.

  bigdamouk 13:07 15 Apr 2003

To fall in line with my new domain name ive redone my guitar web site...COMPLETELY!!

Hopefully its got a bit more of a professional feel to it, now ive got no stupid animated gif and counters!

Bare in mind tho that these are only test pages and the final finished result maybe slightly different!



  crx16 13:12 15 Apr 2003


  bigdamouk 13:14 15 Apr 2003

Doh, i was in a rush sorry

click here


  Paranoid Android 13:30 15 Apr 2003

Very nice. Do you have a JS applet to change the daily 'top tip' each day ?

I haven't played guitar for years. Maybe this will help me take it up again. I will look forward with interest to the bit that tells me how to play !!


  bigdamouk 13:32 15 Apr 2003

Thanks Paranoid Android, as I say this is only a test page, I am as we speak typing out the lessons into Dreamweaver.:)

At the moment I dont have a java script for the top tip, but i will, its on my list!! ;)


  watchful 13:51 15 Apr 2003

Just had a look at your site and think it's excellent.
Like the colours and only one little niggle - a missing apostrophe in won't on homepage.
Are you 'damo?' Couldn't resist looking on Forum page and guess what? You're from the same town as me, Bury!

  bigdamouk 13:56 15 Apr 2003

Your from Bury aswell?

Small world!!!

Cheers for the apostrophe! :)

Come back and visit the forum again sometime!


  MAJ 14:13 15 Apr 2003

Well done, bigdamouk, everything (on a quick look) seems to work as it should, navigation is simple and fast, the site's not cluttered, but most importantly, you've found that one elusive element, an interesting and useful topic. It's bound to go from strength to strength. Good luck with it.

  chrishillcoat 17:22 15 Apr 2003

In terms of 'care', you may want to find the website of any product you recommend, and see if they have affiliate programs $-)


  Falkyrn 17:25 15 Apr 2003

Nicely changed from earlier version .... one minor point and its probably purely personal taste ... I prefer centering the information on the screen rather than left (or right) justified

  Falkyrn 22:41 15 Apr 2003

Didn't make myself very clear there ....

I meant that I prefer the whole page centered to give the effect of an border down left and right side of screen

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