Website is now showing as 403 Forbidden

  bahati0ne 15:18 08 Nov 2015

I have a webite that I used to look at to view vlogs and videos about woodworking. When I try to look at it now all I get is a 403 Forbidden message. I have contacted to owner but he has no ideas. How can I resolve this please.


Dave Carpenter

  spuds 15:53 08 Nov 2015

You might find an answer somewhere from this Google link click here

  bahati0ne 16:29 08 Nov 2015

Thanks Spuds. Most of that help appears to be for people with websites. I have tried most of the other things (cache, cookies etc) but no help.

  LastChip 01:00 09 Nov 2015

If it's a 403, it means you don't have permission to access that part of the site. Most commonly, it's caused by a misspelt URL (web page address).

If you post the link here, one of us will try it and see if we can access it, and therefore whether it's specific to you.

  bahati0ne 08:51 09 Nov 2015

The website is click here am now in contact with the person who runs the site and we are begining troubleshooting.


  [email protected] 08:58 09 Nov 2015

Coming up just fine at my end; can I have its screen-shot?

  bahati0ne 09:10 09 Nov 2015

  [email protected] 09:59 09 Nov 2015

Image isn't loading.

  spuds 10:00 09 Nov 2015

The link is working fine at my end. I subscribe to two similar US based workworking forum's, and have never had any problems with them. So could I suggest that you try a browser cache clean-up, and then use your normal means of using that website, that was successful in the past . It might work, it might not, but at least its a try.

The results from the link click here

  bahati0ne 10:03 09 Nov 2015


Image not showing on my pc but if I right click and view it comes up

  Graham* 10:11 09 Nov 2015

Dear bottle cap - not a good idea to use your email address (unless you really do like spam).

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