Website now appears in Japanese

  Commander Blonde 01:04 02 Mar 2019

A UK website I use a lot, now appears in Japanese. No other searches are affected. Happens on Google, Firefox, Edge and Avast secure browser

  KEITH 1955 11:43 02 Mar 2019

Sounds familiar , never known Japanese though , it sometimes reverts to USA English. First open word and do shift on the ' key …….. did it type @ symbol.

If not go to language settings to see if it is still set to uk English , if not you can re-download the language pack.

For browser problems go to region setting and make sure it is still on uk English

As a quick browser check type amazon in search box , not from a short cut , if browsers set correctly the prices should come up in ££££ not $$$$$

After making changes to language and region you must do a restart.

NOTE..... the culprit for the changes you describe is usually a windows creator update.

  KEITH 1955 11:45 02 Mar 2019

had another quick thought , on the site in Japanese is their a tab at the top to translate ( back to English )

  Commander Blonde 12:36 02 Mar 2019

Hi Keith, did all the [email protected] was correct, ££££ in Amazon. It does offer to translate, but it's still "Whacked".. nothing like it should be. This is the same on all devices and browsers in my home and only on this one site, which I need to access for my work. Do you think it may be related to my Draytek router in some way? I noticed there is a new firmware update as of 27th Feb.2019. Or should I ask Plusnet first?

  KEITH 1955 12:48 02 Mar 2019

never used a router so don't know answer to that I only have a bt home hub. If what you describe happens on every browser but with no other site I would suggest you contact the site owners via email as they might be able to explain whats going on.

  Commander Blonde 12:59 02 Mar 2019

Tried That. They said their site is OK and it must be my PC.(not very helpful). We have 2 PCs, a tablet, a laptop and smart phone, all doing the same thing on that website.

  KEITH 1955 13:09 02 Mar 2019

click the green icon at the side of my name and send me a private message with a copy/pasted link to the site I will look in a while and see if same happens to me.

  Commander Blonde 13:17 02 Mar 2019

Ooops! Newly registered user cannot send emails to other forum users Thank anyway, Keith. But I know it works in other environments

  KEITH 1955 13:33 02 Mar 2019

ok I only said private msg in case others got into problems on the site , as a new user you wont know the alternative method , open a new browsing tab , copy and then paste the web address into the text box we are using to talk to each other.

note …. only you will see the pasted link , everyone else will see a click here tab.

got to go out now will be back in about 2 hours will look if you posted link when I come back.

  Kevin Alders 13:48 02 Mar 2019

Click Here. Which Geo-Location is the site reporting?

  Commander Blonde 14:05 02 Mar 2019

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