Website now appears in Japanese

  Commander Blonde 01:04 02 Mar 2019

A UK website I use a lot, now appears in Japanese. No other searches are affected. Happens on Google, Firefox, Edge and Avast secure browser

  Commander Blonde 12:36 02 Mar 2019

Hi Keith, did all the [email protected] was correct, ££££ in Amazon. It does offer to translate, but it's still "Whacked".. nothing like it should be. This is the same on all devices and browsers in my home and only on this one site, which I need to access for my work. Do you think it may be related to my Draytek router in some way? I noticed there is a new firmware update as of 27th Feb.2019. Or should I ask Plusnet first?

  Commander Blonde 12:59 02 Mar 2019

Tried That. They said their site is OK and it must be my PC.(not very helpful). We have 2 PCs, a tablet, a laptop and smart phone, all doing the same thing on that website.

  Commander Blonde 13:17 02 Mar 2019

Ooops! Newly registered user cannot send emails to other forum users Thank anyway, Keith. But I know it works in other environments

  Commander Blonde 14:05 02 Mar 2019
  Commander Blonde 14:11 02 Mar 2019

Geo-Location is United Kingdom - London

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:11 02 Mar 2019

At a guess your browsers are redirecting you to the Japanese wed site instead of the UK web site.

What browser are you using on your machines?

  Commander Blonde 14:16 02 Mar 2019

I'm using any browser I have. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Avast secure browser. All with the same results

  lotvic 14:56 02 Mar 2019

Shows in English for me. I suggest you delete all the history and cookies for that website and then try again by typing the url for or click here

  wee eddie 16:15 02 Mar 2019

Top Left "Select language" with a Google logo and a black arrow

  Commander Blonde 17:12 02 Mar 2019

Hi Eddie and Keith, I cannot see any google logo, black arrow or English text. Just a screen full of Japanese. It's driving me nuts.

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