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  ethelbert 15:36 04 Mar 2011

Hi there,
I am having a great deal of problems with my prinary website at which has been hosted with them for 2 years without concern. The servers look to be set corrrectly, but I am having loads of problems. The images are not showing up and some of the styles in the css don't show. It is quite odd, All the rest of my sites work bar a newly uploaded one which has images loaded but I see no images. Believe me I know if works as I have tried it on another host and it works ok.

BH now tell me that the fault lies with Does this often happen, and is this the cause do you think?
click here
Many thanks for any help from you guys,

  Forum Editor 15:59 04 Mar 2011

if your site files are on the Bluehost server in a proper site directory they should load in a browser.

I've looked at the site, and the symptoms point to files not being in the locations linked to, although the pages are loading without any styles being applied.

  ethelbert 17:02 04 Mar 2011

Well my site has been down for three weeks and as I have written to BH almost daily, they have tried all other ideas. Traceroute was showing that just before it reached BH the connection was broken.
'You can see in the Trace Route that it is going through which is an Internet Backbone. Then it loses connection before it ever gets to Bluehost. This means there is something down with Level3' End Quote.

When I 1st realised that site was down, after I contacted BH I looked to check that my DNS settings at 1and 1 were ok. I found that they had changed and were not pointing anwhere, I hastily changed these and a day later I realised that I had written one NS2 I changed it back to read bluehost. I think after that things went from bad to worse.
Would you change domains if this was your problem?

Thanks for the help.

  ethelbert 17:07 04 Mar 2011

Forgot to add:
Last week I uploaded a new site I was working on.
it is here click here
now there are no images shown in the header and the one in the body. The css is there and so are the images. Compare that with this please: click here

Same site EXACTLY. Links donm't work as this is a simple one page so far.

On my other site the includes do not work nor the background, all very odd. As I said site has been there for 2 years - no bothers at all.

  beynac 17:29 04 Mar 2011

I think that you will find that the image files are corrupted in some way. They seem to be in the images directory, but not displaying for some reason. I suggest that you try deleting them and uploading again.

  ethelbert 17:33 04 Mar 2011

Ok thanks will do - anything suggested will be followed!! ;-))

  beynac 17:35 04 Mar 2011

that my comment refers to your new site (post 17:29).

The site linked to in your first post seems to be a different problem. You have the pictures in the 'images' directory, but the links are to 'styles/images' directory.
Images: click here
Styles: click here

  ethelbert 17:47 04 Mar 2011

Muir Family History:
background-image: url('images/muirmodern.jpg');
so that it is linking to the images file.

I have now uploaded all my images again to the images folder. No joy!

I have done that with all my sites - well that is how they started out on my computer and the poppies website should be correct.

It is *something* that is happening - goodness knows what - more than likely to be the DNS along the way.

I have always had my sites within their own directories and my friend who is a MS MVP does the same. She is very good at these things but she is completely mystified too after a week trying to correct it herself.

I think, expensive as it is I am going to go with a new domain name! Blooming websites!!

  beynac 17:49 04 Mar 2011

Re. the first post: In the stylesheet you have omitted the '../' at the front of the link it should be, for example, : '../images/picture.jpg'.

This will take it up one level and link to the correct directory.

  ethelbert 17:56 04 Mar 2011

Yesterday, I was asked by BH to take my website out of the folder and so change my css links to be on same level

Would a redirect of my domain trigger the DNS to sort itself out do you think?

Thanks for the real help

  ethelbert 17:59 04 Mar 2011

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

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