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  Rlh3 19:38 24 Aug 2004


I collect and restore vintage watches as a hobby and have decided to set up a site on the net to sell some of these. However I have a few problems/questions with regard to the layout and traffic.

The site in question is at click here

1. Biggest problem is with regard to traffic. I get somewhere between 5 and 10 hits per day if I'm lucky. Obviously I'm not going to sell anything if no-one can see what I have on offer! What am I doing wrong and what can I do to help my site become more visible??

2. Layout. I would like the site to look professional and be easy to use. Also I would like to attract people to have a good look around once they get to the site. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can improve on these areas of the site?

3. General suggestions. Does anyone have any general comments or criticisms about the site and any aspect of it? I would greatly appreciate any comments!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can comment/help.



  Gaz 25 21:23 24 Aug 2004


1. The site has the nessesery tags to be included in search engine results. However, maybe a fuller description may be wise on the homepage, and create an About Me page with details of your business. 10 hits a day is not bad to be honest - and eventually Im sure your site will be picked up.

2. If this is your first site, its very good. However as always - anything can be improved! I dont see any major points that need recitifying. It seems already a easy to navigate website. Well done.

3. There's nothing thats criticaly wrong with the site, it follows good rule of navigation too.

Try submitting to search engines, and finding other websites that have vintage watches and asking them to swap links. The more links you have in most cases = more visitors.

Also try trading on Ebay for more publicity.

Good luck!

  Taran 23:49 24 Aug 2004

Gaz 25 has mentioned one point in passing but it is possibly your greatest enemy.

The mighty Ebay is where buyers and sellers can exchange more or less anything they may want to part with or obtain, including watches. Couple that with the fact that most towns and all cities have one or more jewellers and that your market is limited to begin with and, well, you know the rest.

I very much doubt that a great many people will be searching for vintage watches online, which kind of limites your potential visitors from the outset.

Your Page code has some unusual things going on. Example:

<strong><big><big><big><big><font face="Times New Roman">Hurling's</font></big></big></big></big></strong>

This could possibly have worked out better as:


or at a push:

<h1 align="center"><strong>Hurling's</strong></h1>

I don't recommend that second option, but it is a possibility.

There are a lot of similar examples throughout the site as well as missing, unclosed or unmatched tags. On line 64 of your index page (just for the sake of example) you have an empty font tag set that I suspect should have contained the word 'UPDATE'. It reads as follows:

<font color="#FF0000"> </font>

Anyway, I am not trying to appear unkind with the above. Suffice to say that some work could be done on the underlying code of the site, but your biggest enemy, I suspect, will be the general lack of interested people who will be searching for or who are prepared to buy restored vintage watches online.

The overall layout and concept looks good. You could get rid of a great deal of that code though, and still keep the same visuals.

I really like the Omega Constellation piece. Lovely !

Good luck with it.

  Forum Editor 00:46 25 Aug 2004

they are precisely what makes the internet such a fascinating place, and I found my mouse pointer hovering over the 'buy now' button more than once.

As for traffic - Gaz 25 has hit on the real way to build that. Aim to get as many reciprocal links going as possible. It can take time, because it involves trudging around the internet asking the owners of other, related sites to swap links with you, but it will bear fruit if you persevere. Once you get a network of reciprocal linking set up you'll be surprised by the way traffic increases. Your links page has two at the moment - try to make it twenty as soon as possible, and try not to link to any site which won't return the favour.

I echo Taran's comments on your site code - there's real work to do there - but that can wait until you've done your traffic-building exercise. There are literally hundreds of vintage watch sites around, but that shouldn't deter you. If anything you should be encouraged, those sites are there for a reason - there's good business to be done online in your field and because virtually every antique or vintage watch is unique in some way there's room for everyone. Collectors don't mind searching for what they want, and they'll track you down via links.

I wish you luck - you deserve to succeed, and that site isn't at all bad.

  harriesben 00:47 25 Aug 2004

After a quick look, my first impression was that it lacked a professional look.

Whilst the code is important, I would look at selecting a different font - something so simple can give the site that extra edge.

The left hand menu, however, I would leave. It looks classy and works.

I would have to agree with Taran though - a lack of interest in vintage watches is your real enemy. Do keep submitting to search engines, and try to get sites loosely related to your subject to show your link.

Fundamentally, it is a good site, and for someone with not too much an interest in watches, I found myself having browsed through quite a lot (after writing the title to this response!)

Persevere with it - SUCCESS WILL COME!!!

  Charence 13:07 25 Aug 2004

1. Most options for boosting traffic has been mentioned by others in the thread. You could pay for advertising on a search engine. Such as Google Adwords.

2. The appearance of your site is great. Everything is presented clearly and site is simple to use. I think it would be even better if the buttons were made just one font size bigger.

3. I actually think the font you've used is quite appropriate for your website because it is the same font as your logo.

Good Luck!

  Rlh3 19:36 25 Aug 2004

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far! It has been very encouraging and helpful to hear your comments.

With regard to the coding I'm not that experienced with HTML as I mostly do the work in FrontPage. However I'll try and get these issues sorted out!

I will get some reciprocal links set up. Sounds like a very good idea for getting traffic in so I will work on this over the weekend.

Regarding the hit counter I'm not that keen on seeing it on display either. How do I do a z-index style tag?

Well, I look forward to hearing any more comments and thank you all very much for your suggestions and opinions so far I really do appreciate it!


  Charence 21:18 25 Aug 2004

click here


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