Website migration with multiple domains

  jay.smyth88 15:34 17 Nov 2017

I have an issue with my hosting provider, the company we set up with in the beginning has moved away from web development to purely software dev. We have 4 domains,, .com, .uk and .ie, I would like to move to a new hosting provider for php security reasons(he has legacy issues with old sites he has developed). So I need to move domains, but the issue is our 365 outlook and other services are routed through his servers via MX, CNAMES, TXT and A records through all domain names, I can't really afford down time and I am not sure how to begin the transfer, do I set-up the multiple domains I need through my new host and set-up the records one by one then ask him to release it?

  LastChip 16:33 17 Nov 2017

I've just migrated a whole bunch of domains to these guys - and it all went relatively smoothly. Their on-line chat help facility is a life saver, particularly when you're unfamiliar with their systems.

Admittedly, the migration I did was not as complex as yours, but it did involve some DNS record changes to interlink other facilities into the sites.

The way I did it, was to attack one domain at a time (after all, it doesn't matter where your domain is served from) and transfer all the files relevant to that domain over. Incidentally, providing you choose the right package, you can have multiple domains on a single instance, all in their own root directories. Then create any sub-domains as necessary and finally make any DNS changes that were required. Remember, at this point, nothing is live from the new server. Once I was satisfied that (as far as I could tell) everything was ready to go, I initiated the change of DNS servers to siteground, which already had all the relevant information on them.

In the main, it all worked very well and really the only glitches were of my own making, where I failed to think through possible scenarios. But these were quickly dealt with either by me, or with the help of the siteground guys.

It's not as daunting as you may think.

  LastChip 16:37 17 Nov 2017

"and transfer all the files relevant to that domain over"

In the interests of clarity, it would probably have been better to say; copy all the files for that domain over.

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