Website makes PC lock up

  SGBowen 08:26 17 Feb 2004

Why does the website click here make my PC lock up? I am running W98SE. I haven't yet found anyone else who has the same problem with it. I am a vicar and it is my own church website! Our "webmaster" doesn't know the reason.

  Taran 09:12 17 Feb 2004

The site is placing very heavy demands on JavaScript handling which is very probably the culprit in this case.

JavaScripts used in web pages are downloaded from the web to your computer and processed by your browser software. If you web browser is not one of the latest versions and/or does not have the appropriate Java plugin, it can become hopelessly lost when trying to process web scripts and if your machine is relatively low specification there may not be enough general system resources available to correctly process and render the pages for display.

The site also relies on a frames layout where several web pages are combined into the one you see in your browser [or not in your case] and, once again, many browsers stumble over correct interpretation of frames.

In fact, a quick check of the site shows some very serious potential problems.

Relying on pop-up windows as a fundamental part of the site navigation is always a mistake. These days more and more people either use pop-up blockers or use browser software with such features built in, so the site, to be viewed properly, requires the security conscious to either re-set their security measures or use alternative browser software.

The link to "Tok's News Letter" leads to a PDF file and there is no warning that clicking on it will initiate Adobe Acrobat Reader in the browser or prompt the site visitor to download said file. In fact, although it should do one or the other it actually does neither since the link is dead and leads to an error page.

Sorry, but I seem to have gone into a site evaluation here and have left the topic to hand.

If you let us know which version of your web browser you are using one of us will try to help further. For Internet Explorer open the browser, click on Help then click on About and it will give you the version and also details of service patches installed.

I strongly suspect that your own browser and Java plugin is at fault or that your system is very low on resources and is struggling to process all of that JavaScript.



  SGBowen 09:45 17 Feb 2004

Thank you for this very helpful reply. I am using IE 6.0.2800.1106IC, Cipher strength: 128-bit, Update versions SP1; Q324929; q313829; Q610847; Q813951; Q813489; Q818529; Q824145
I look forward to hearing your advice.

  Taran 10:03 17 Feb 2004

OK, there is a general Java/Internet Explorer troubleshooting guide on the Microsoft site that may help click here

For the older Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and Sun Java downloads, you can use this site click here

An up to date Java plugin could possibly help, which is why I mention the above website and it also has lots of general information on Java in relation to how it works with your browser.

Finally, and I should have mentioned this initially, do you happen to know whether your computer has much RAM fitted, how fast its processor is, the type of graphics card and how much free space it has available on the hard disk. All of these resources can help or undermine general performance depending on how much is available or how much is already being used for other tasks.

  Talented Monkey 11:20 17 Feb 2004

I am not a great fan of javascript, this site is a good example as to why, particualry the slugish monster of the javascript menu.

Everything on this site can be produced just with CSS and HTML, which will speed up page loading and reduce amount of resources taken up on the visitors PC.

Just couple niggling points, there is no distinction between the text and links and the brown box links on left side dont seem to do anything for me.

However overall this is a very nice site.

  SGBowen 16:33 17 Feb 2004

Thanks for all your helpful comments.
Taran, this is the information you asked for:
RAM - 240 Mb
No graphics card
Hard disk - 12.6 Gb free
Processor - 1GHz

  Taran 17:02 17 Feb 2004

Well, your PC seems capable enough in hardware terms so for now I think I'll stick with my theory about your particular installation of Internet Explorer and its Java plugin.

Have you tried a Java Virtual machine update ?

I very strongly suspect that this will be the cause of your woes, but if you have no dedicated graphics card and have an onboard graphics chip this could compound things further.

Not many people realise just how graphics intensive displaying web pages can be for a computer.

I am not usually one for suggesting alternative software until we have tried to fix your current issue but if it comes to it you may want to try a different web browser like Mozilla FireFox [formerly FireBird] with the appropriate Java plugin. I hate to say it but sometimes it is quicker in the long term than playing around with the vagaries of Windows 98 and Internet Explorer, and everything points to a problem in that area since you say you are the only one who has issues with the site.

I've tried the site on my own Windows 98 Second Edition, 2000, XP Home and Pro systems as well as an Apple Mac and one Linux machine and they all rendered the site just fine.

  Gaz 25 21:04 17 Feb 2004

Does not crash my PC, but the website can be sluggish.

  SGBowen 15:03 18 Feb 2004

I found the Java links rather confusing, but I think I am up to date. My provisional conclusion is that enabling pop-ups on the Google tool bar has done the trick. What confused me was that the pop-ups did work, but after I had left the site the PC crashed. Presumably there was some unpleasant conflict going on there, which fro some reason didn't make itself felt until later. Many thanks for all your help. I will relay your comments on the construction of the website to the webmaster (tactfully).

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