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  pj123 14:49 05 Jul 2005

I maintain a website for a friend click here

He is going away for 2 weeks and has asked me if it is feasible to take the website down because he doesn't want telephone calls/emails to be unanswered for this period of time.

My personal opinion is if someone tries to access the site and gets a negative response they will not go there again.

Is it best to leave the site up and running or is there some way that can advise anyone accessing the site that they will not get a response for a couple of weeks?

  genuinefake 15:20 05 Jul 2005

Is it not best just to leave a message on the website saying that no calls/emails will be taken during the two weeks

  pj123 16:07 05 Jul 2005

genuinefake, I think I agree with you. But supposing you sent an email to him asking a question but didn't get a reply, or tried telephoning and got no answer. What would your reaction be? His business is a one man band so if he is away there is no one to stand in for him.

I have offered to check his emails but I can't answer his phone for him.

  De Marcus 18:42 05 Jul 2005

Personally I would leave a message that the site isn't going to be manned for the two week period he's away with a short explanation of why, I'd rather read a message that explains why it's 'unmanned' (everyone deserves a holiday) than exhausting any kind of effort to make contact by email and phone only to get the hump big time at the fact no one is answering (possible thought's that might go through my head are, still in business? just can't be bothered.)

  De Marcus 18:58 05 Jul 2005

Sorry that should read 'than having a potential customer exhausting any kind....'

  Sir Radfordin 19:27 05 Jul 2005

If that is a home address on the website, or indeed if a home address can easily be found I would advise putting anything on the website that would make it obvious that the owner is not going to be living in their property.

  Pesala 21:05 05 Jul 2005

Just leave a recorded message on the phone, and set up the email server to autorespond.

  pj123 15:49 07 Jul 2005

Thanks guys for the comments/suggestions. He has arranged with a neighbour to check his ansafone and I will be monitoring his emails.

The site will remain up and running.



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