Website hosting: Streamline versus Synthasite

  Dragonfly2 10:29 12 Sep 2008

I organise the website for a small social club, and we are currently using STREAMLINE as a web host, which is quite easy to use and not too expensive. Their web wizard is good.

But I've now come across SYNTHASITE, which is extremely easy to use, even for a comparative beginner like me - and what's more it's free. It's not as sophisticated as Streamline, but it's fine for a simple website like ours. Perhaps I'm just pessimistic and looking for problems, but
is there a catch somewhere - is Synthasite really as good as it currently seems?

Has anyone got experience of these two website hosting companies, either negative or positive? I've got to decide soon between the two - if there aren't any problems with them, I'll transfer our domain name to them.

  Forum Editor 09:16 13 Sep 2008

depends on your expectations. The Synthasite system is pretty basic, but then you realise that. Your site will be hosted in South Africa, but then you probably realise that, too, and it's not a reason to avoid the system - web sites can be hosted anywhere.

The people who run Synthasite have done their homework with regards to their terms of service and their privacy policy, and there's nothing in either that is unduly frightening. There's a trade-off with any free web-hosting service, which is that your personal information will be shared in some way. It may be shared with other companies in a group, for instance, and you'll consent to this when you sign up.

It's horses for courses - if you want a very simple way to get a site online systems like this will be of interest, provided you understand that Synthasite will not host your domain name - you'll need to arrange to point it to your Synthasite location.

  Dragonfly2 11:39 13 Sep 2008

Many thanks Editor for the information. I think I'll read all the small print for both web hosts carefully before I decide anything!

  Kemistri 12:22 13 Sep 2008

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Just my thought for the day. If Streamline works OK for you, stay with it. It's cheap enough that moving may not be worth the effort.

  Dragonfly2 13:10 14 Sep 2008

Hi Kemistri,
Yes, I'm coming to that conclusion although I do have a couple of issues with them. But I don't know what their competitors are like.

My main problem with Streamline is that I find their "Knowledge Base" a bit hard to understand in certain areas: too full of jargon for me. Even when they point me to the relevant bit in their FAQs I still don't understand!

Reviews of Streamline vary from extremely enthusiastic to scathing - leaves me a bit confused!

So perhaps for now I'll leave well enough alone, or better the devil I know..........

  Boomer2020 12:26 15 Sep 2008

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  Thibaud 21:05 16 Nov 2008

Hi there,

I feel I must mention Edicy as a free and easy-to-use website creation tool. It offers tens of templates made by the best designers in the industry and there's a possibility to Skype chat with their team if you encounter a problem.

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