Website Hosting at Home

  woodm01 21:00 11 Nov 2010

I am looking at hosting my own website on my home server. What I need to know is would this affect my 10mb Broadband speed in any way, with users accessing my website and my family + me using the internet as well.

  Forum Editor 23:02 11 Nov 2010

of doing it (and it's pretty easy in any case), there's no good reason for trying to run a web server at home.

  LastChip 02:44 24 Nov 2010

Whether your ISP has a point of view or not, is open to speculation. The best thing to do is ask them. I use o2 and they don't mind at all.

I have to pay extra for a fixed address, but even that can be overcome if your server is not business critical by using dynamic DNS.

It won't affect your home computer use at all, but you do need to be aware that operating a server is a responsibility, which needs to be taken seriously.

If your server gets taken over, almost certainly you will become part of a botnet and your ISP will most definitely have a point of view about that (particularly if it's dispensing illegal material)!

With hosting services being at an all time low cost, it's probably not cost effective in the true sense.

But the challenge is rewarding (if it appeals to you) and you do have full control over the server, how it is configured and the content you wish to provide.

That in itself, is worth every penny to me.

If you want to continue along this road, click here for an article I wrote a couple of years back, that is the first of three (they're all linked if you're interested), on how to build a Linux server. Subsequent articles include how to create a RAID 5 array and how to install the server software.

Hope that helps.

  Forum Editor 08:48 24 Nov 2010

"But the challenge is rewarding (if it appeals to you)....."

That's the best possible reason for having your own home web server. You certainly wouldn't do it to save money, as you point out.

My concern about home servers is the one you mentioned - that of the server being hijacked into becoming part of a botnet.

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