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  Rikku 20:32 25 Jul 2003

i recently had to reformat my computer because of a virus i got most things i needed but i lost my favourites list and there was a hosting site in there which looked quite good i was gonna sign up end of august but i no longer have the adress. could any one help?

as far as i can remember it had 3 hosting plans priced at 19.99,29.99,39.99 per year not sure on the first one but the middle one had summat like

100 MB
1/2GB bandwidth
my sql
cgi etc
control pannel
a load of stuff like that at the bottom of the list it had an extra option at 5.99 per year which was like another control panel

the company was based in yorkshire or the surrounding area and its domain name had something like at the end it was .uk.something anyway

can anyone help me find this site or a similar one?? thanks for reading!

  caast©? 20:47 25 Jul 2003

Just replying to get this in my postings.

I am with one and one at the moment but this looks interesting.

It could be worth changing I shall keep my eye on this just incase someone comes up the the site you are looking for.

Meantime I shall do a search in google to see what I come up with.

  caast©? 20:53 25 Jul 2003
  pj123 23:39 25 Jul 2003

Is this the one you were thinking of click here

  pj123 23:42 25 Jul 2003

Hang on, that link don't seem to work now try this one click here

  Rikku 08:37 26 Jul 2003

No they aint but am gonner look at them to see pricing :D

  menorcarob2 10:47 26 Jul 2003

try this click here

  powerless 10:51 26 Jul 2003
  powerless 10:52 26 Jul 2003

click here;jsessionid=4705186C3629B1954B8FF0360642B988.TC31b?__frame=_top

  menorcarob2 10:52 26 Jul 2003

made a mess of that try this one click here

  menorcarob2 10:58 26 Jul 2003

must say i am with one and one and their service is second to none

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