Website.... Help in redesigning wanted please....

  Gaz 25 19:34 26 Apr 2003

click here

Is the site in question?

What could be improved and changed?

Any ideas for opening text?

Solution provides you with Quality products and services for all your needs.

You can customise a PC to your very own specification and as well as choosing one of our pre-built systems or special offers. Solution provides an excellent service with excellent quality computers. Click on some of the buttons aside to find out more about Solution Computers products.

Then what????

Thanks, this will help me make my site far better than that of click here


  watchful 19:42 26 Apr 2003

I would say: Click on one of the buttons down the side for more information.

  Gaz 25 19:45 26 Apr 2003

WAs my old site at click here poor and is the new one a big improvement?

  watchful 19:46 26 Apr 2003

Also cut out the 'and' in first sentence,last para. so it reads: You can customize a PC to your very own specification as well as...etc.

  Gaz 25 19:46 26 Apr 2003

but it may be a few days of correcting and making the site better first.

  VoG™ 19:47 26 Apr 2003

I know nothing abour website design but...

I think it is a bit toooo red - could become annoying.

Have you really copyrighted The solution to your computing problems © ?

Quote "Solution provides you with Quality products and services for all your needs.". I'm sure that's what you aim to do but are you sure that you can really satisfy ALL needs.

Good Luck - you've suffered too much already on this site for the last day or two.

  watchful 19:49 26 Apr 2003

Yes, the new layout is a big improvement on the old one.

  powerless 19:50 26 Apr 2003

Get rid of the Hit Counter as people in these forums say it makes a site look unprofessional.

p.s. I did reply in the other thread that was deleted but i did not see it all the way through so cannot make an aplogy (if one is needed) as i did not see your replies.

  Patr100 19:50 26 Apr 2003

I think you will need more content and get the links to work before I can really make much more comment. Don't add the copyright symbol to phrases. It isn't appropriate.

Not mad about the red background either, to be honest.Too garish.

Are you using a program or writng your own HTML ro make the site?

  Gaz 25 19:51 26 Apr 2003

Sorry VoG, thats another thing, Solution Computer Systems, I am trying to copy and put it on to put the passers by off, but no that that that you just quoted.

Thanks, Well most needs I would say, PC wise?

  Gaz 25 19:54 26 Apr 2003


Powerless, I will take that into mind, Hit counter is off the new one anyway.

Copyright symbol is gone.

And I use a bit of both, but I am no pro designer.

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