website form problem

  sugarbabe 10:59 20 Oct 2008

I've been asked to resolve problem with website form at click here

The form on the contact us page no longer seems to work, the page that it points to once form has sent appears on smart ftp as being on server but can't seem to find it

Please help!!!!

  beynac 12:11 20 Oct 2008

The page (sendemail.php) is on the server but won't open. It's possible that php is not running on the server, or is not working for some reason. I suggest that you check with the host.

  sugarbabe 13:34 20 Oct 2008

ok will do thank you for your help

  sugarbabe 18:59 20 Oct 2008

I'm really confused I normally use frontpage to build websites and am not use two css. I'm looking at the source code on the live website and i can see all the information about the form but when i open pages using smart ftp or dreamweaver i cannot find any of the code about the form.

I'm sure i'm being extremely thick but please help!!!

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