Website in folder in memory; want to open it in Chrome

  donelson 19:19 04 Aug 2013

I have tried File Manager with Open in Browser, but when I open the website from memory, most of the graphics are missing from the page.

Any ideas?

  rdave13 19:40 04 Aug 2013

Use Chrome to create a shortcut on the desktop perhapse?

  rdave13 19:42 04 Aug 2013

perhaps even.

  donelson 20:39 04 Aug 2013

Sorry, confused here.

I have a folder in my Nexus memory called: a2

I can see it and its contents with various file manager apps.

I want to open: a2/index.html in the Chrome browser so I can run the website in "a2" without using WiFi to a server. This should really not be so hard...

  Woolwell 22:06 04 Aug 2013

Chrome browser on the Nexus? Did you save the page complete or html only? If the graphics depend on external servers to update, etc then they will not show.

  donelson 00:40 05 Aug 2013

The entire website and all dependent files are in the folder "a2" and its subfolders.

The entire website works fine on iPad and iPhone, Mac and Windows PCs with WiFi and network switched off.

I just need to get a way to get the thing running on Android tablets as well. All the files are on the Nexus 7 now.

  donelson 15:11 08 Sep 2013


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