WebSite Flicker

  Mac & Beth 08:54 14 Jan 2003
  Mac & Beth 08:54 14 Jan 2003

Can anyone tell me why the following website flickers badly on my PC when i pass my mouse over the left hand menu ??click here

Each time i move the mouse from one menu item to another the screeen flickers badly. Same effect happens on other sites too.

Didn't happen before i reinstalled XP Home but does now. Video drivers are the same as before.

Missing plugin?

  Mac & Beth 08:57 14 Jan 2003

Oh and know its in the ConsumerRoom (i've asked for it to be moved)

  Mac & Beth 10:20 14 Jan 2003

Moved and bump

  powerless 10:23 14 Jan 2003

I dont think that menu is "flashed"...

But click here

  watchful 10:29 14 Jan 2003

I'm running XP Home and just tried the site.

It was perfect for me.


  Mac & Beth 11:21 14 Jan 2003

Powerless - Flash was installed and just installed Shockwave. Still not fixed. Cheers.

watchful - It used to be prefect for me til i reinstalled XP now it flickers when you move over the menu items...

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