website finally onlien, comments please

  Leslie-212488 20:39 17 Dec 2007

Hi, all,
thanks to you guys and gals, i am up and running.
can you take a look and tell me what you think.
I was look ath the site today on my work machine and something strange happened. The images were completely out of alignmentand the page went from 800px in height to double. Althought i have a 19" monitor at work i a not sure what the resolution is. anyway please have a look and let me know what you think. the site is at

click here

  Eric10 22:47 17 Dec 2007

If you look at your site "online" in Firefox or Opera then the images don't display. If I download a page and its images then look at on my local machine then they do.

I have noticed that all of the pages I have checked have two closing tags for the head section </head> </head> and I feel that this may be the cause.

  Kemistri 23:31 17 Dec 2007

The validation failure is a problem, certainly. Even in quirks mode, compliant browsers will struggle. That's why it is best to develop in Firefox and debug for IE 6 and 7.

You need to sort your page titles into a conventional SEO-friendly form - I don't think you intended to label each page "3 Column with header and footer"! If this is a commercial venture, then it has a long way to go in some areas, such as presentation, and some things that will need to be added - where are the contact details and trading address? What about T&C?

It would be very wise to replace that spam-gathering mailto link with a much more professional and secure form as soon as possible. Make sure that the site meets the WCAG (accessibility guidelines) as well.

  brundle 00:13 18 Dec 2007

I used a form from here; click here

Simple to set up and use.

  Leslie-212488 08:09 19 Dec 2007

Hi, all, thanks for taking the time to have a look at the site a give back some valid feedback.
I will work on all the points that has been mentioned. Looks like there is still a lot to do.
what is the WCAG (accessibility guidelines).
Once again, Thank you all.

  Kemistri 11:59 19 Dec 2007

click here

But you will need to research current accessibility expectations and methods that have come about since the guidelines were created. Start with Sitepoint - click here. There are a couple of particularly important articles in the archive list at the bottom. It is sensible to put your design through a colour blindness test and they can be found on the web - click here. While you're at Sitepoint, you should read this section as well - click here

A good looking, well thought-out and very usable site will sell more bears.

  Graham. 17:04 19 Dec 2007

Typo in Kits 'asn accessories'

  Leslie-212488 19:48 19 Dec 2007

Hi, thanks for the replies. Looks like i will have lots to keep me busy over the Xmas period.
If you don't hear from me soon, have a very Xmas.


  Kemistri 20:02 19 Dec 2007

Best of luck, Des; keep coming back here whenever you need to.

  RWest 00:20 20 Dec 2007

desboy, well done, certainly for an early attempt it's very good.

Mozilla Firefox - the browser, alternative to windows explorer - lists these few things on your index page:-

** There's a surplus </head> near the front; and at the end you have </head which needs a >

** It says you should put an "alt" statement with the pictures - usually you put something like alt="teddy no 1" or something in case the picture is slow loading. However you've missed out the > at the end of the <img src="... statement.

  RWest 00:30 20 Dec 2007

A few things;

** why not put 'email us' instead of 'contact us' as this could be a phone number, map, shop etc - it's irritating to click and just get an email form.

** Why not make it clearer that you're selling teddy bear KITS? You have to read quite a long way to find this out

** Get someone else, not involved, to read it - 'Australia' will be more obvious to them

** Your lack of alt prevents some other graphics showing properly, eg your fur colour chart - you must try Firefox as it's very popular

** Like fourm [?] member I'm impressed by an embedded pdf file - you've invented something new

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