Website Experts Please

  Goldcroft 07:12 11 Apr 2003

Can a website technical professional "get into" a site to check on whether it has been set up correctly to attract search engines - ie: things like metatags, page titling? I have a site which has been up and running for three months and the search engines still doesn't recognise it when key words are used or even the entire name.

Please forgive me if any respondents do not get an intant reply as I will be out a lot today.

  phil 07:23 11 Apr 2003

Whats the address of the website?

We'll be able to help you then.

  MichelleC 08:05 11 Apr 2003

If you download the free utility WebPosition Gold 2 this will help optimise your site for search engines. It'll advise the best meta tags, titles etc.

To be able to get into the top 30 in search engines takes expertise, and to get into top 10 takes a long time.

There's also free site promoters which you can set to update engines, say, once a month.

There's a lot to read on site promotion as many things help promotion, like links to your site helps push up rankings etc.

  Goldcroft 08:18 11 Apr 2003

Thanks. Phil: my website address is I originally supplied about 20 keywords for embedding, metatags?

  PurplePenny 15:25 11 Apr 2003

Submit your site to Dmoz, the Open Directory Project.

click here

Takes a while to get listed because all submissions are checked by real people but once you are on there your site pops up in all sorts of searches, all over the place.


  Falkyrn 18:40 11 Apr 2003

One possible problem you may have is that your opening page uses an "auto redirect" ie it automatically connects the viewer to the next page in the sequence. Some search engines will not list such sites as this is also a ploy used by other unreputable sites ... don't get me wrong it is a perfectably acceptable tool but because of the misuse it has been treated as a "banned" procedure by many search engines.

  Goldcroft 19:46 11 Apr 2003

Thanks for your replies everyone.

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