website as email?

  tnelis 18:02 13 Mar 2004

How can I send someone an email that comes up as my website when they open it, please?

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Thank you,


  jgosden 19:01 13 Mar 2004

bit confused on what you want to do however if you want to send an email that looks like your webpage, why not send them the html document making sure all images have the full url http:/ / etc

just paste the html document into your email, however if i am wrong you will have to explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve.

  tnelis 22:09 13 Mar 2004

Do I paste the html code off my index page as the email? Will this work?

  tnelis 22:25 13 Mar 2004

I often receive emails that are web pages with links to the net...picture links etc to the can I do that with my site?

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  Forum Editor 01:56 14 Mar 2004

is type the full url of your web site's homepage into an email. Email clients like Outlook Express and Outlook will automatically create a hyperlink which recipients can click. This will launch their web browser, which will find and display your homepage.

Is that what you meant?

  tnelis 09:11 14 Mar 2004

Forum Ed, no not exactly....You know when ebay or someone sends you an advert by email....the complete ad pops up in your outlook express (with links to their graphics etc) I'd like to do that using my site??


open your page in Internet explorer ( i presume it will be much the same in most browsers)

In the 'File' menu, in the top-left corner of the window, is an option 'Send' this expands to include 'Page by Email' . click that. your email client will open with the page ready for you to just add the address to which you want to send it.

be advised that many people would consider your page as spam and just delete it if they do not recognize your name or the subject line.

  tnelis 10:09 14 Mar 2004

tried this, horiz5, all it does is attach it to page pops up like I want it.


are you starting with your email client open? if so don't.

it's working perfectly well on this machine and I cant find any reason for it not to. make sure you choose 'Page by Email' Not 'link by email'

  tnelis 10:27 14 Mar 2004

when I do this I get an error message.....the current document type can not be sent as mail...any way I can fix this?

  tnelis 10:42 14 Mar 2004

Ok, cracked the OE I went Message/New message using/Select stationery then stuck my index html file into here, making sure the links were full http// index and it pops up as an email....thanks.

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