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  drdeath 20:20 18 Feb 2004

hello folks, could you kindly give your thoughts on this website i intend to bid for on E Bay??
as always thanks in advance
click here

  PurplePenny 21:04 18 Feb 2004

We've had one like this before. So far the bidding is low but it still has nearly three days to run so it may go up.

All you get for your money is the site, one month's hosting and a list of contacts.

You pay for the domain registration and subsequent hosting so you could do that for a domain of your own choosing with a host of your own choosing.

The site looks as though it is based on OsCommerce, which is an Open Source e-commerce package, so you could create a similar site yourself. It's is riddled with spelling mistakes (they spell "Categories" incorrectly even though OsC spells it for them on one page!) so you'll have to do a lot of work on it anyway. Some of the information pages need a rewrite ("un-paying buyers"!) too.

The site was created on 07 November 2003 so why is it already for sale? If it is such a money spinner why do they want rid of it?

You can get a list of contacts from trade magazines which you can buy for a few pounds at WHS.

If the bidding doesn't go much higher it *might* just be worth it to save you some groundwork but personally I think that you'd be better off saving your money, getting down to WHS for a trade mag.and then downloading OsCommerce:

click here


  drdeath 21:15 18 Feb 2004

Thanx Penny as always i appreciate your comments xxx

  drdeath 21:41 18 Feb 2004

penny i just havent got the confidence or patience for developing a commerce website from scratch, this website 'might' be ideal for me, where as you correctly said the groundwork is done for me, im happy to tweak up the site and promote as required.

  Taran 21:54 18 Feb 2004

What happened to your overwhelming desire for a DVD sale website ?

You seemed pretty keen when you emailed me about it a few days ago.

There are several good e-commerce systems out there along the lines of OsCommerce that may be used free of charge, but you still need to pay for a hosted account for your site, you still need to arrange payment options for processing financial transactions [merchant account and so on], you need a domain name registered to you, a list of suppliers for the items you intend to sell and a lot of time and effort to get the whole lot up and running to the point where it can hope to generate a return.

Mobile phone sales in general are falling off and have been declining this last year or so, despite the interest shown by consumers in some specific areas like the small multifunction devices you see now.

Without a lot of capital available to invest in advertising to get possible ineterested customers to visit your site to begin with the concept of mobile phone accessory sales does not seem to hold vast potential on anything less than a very large scale.

In general it is reasonable to say that to work well on the web your sales must have a good niche market or you find yourself swimming against the current from the start.

A quick serach in Google for 'mobile phone accessories' returned 3,640,000 search results and big names like the Carphone Warehouse fell to third place in the listings.

That is what you are up against. Selling accessories for anything at low prices means you have to sell a huge amount to realise a worthwhile return.

If you were selling household electrical goods, TV, HiFi and so on you'd be pitching against everyone from Currys to Amazon, Argos to Comet and so on. The same holds true for selling books, DVDs and similar, hence you need to find a niche or you'll be fighting against those big names for a slice of a very competitive market that is dominated by some well established big players.

It's not all doom and gloom but without a serious cash injection for advertising and a workable sales area where your competition is low, you will be unlikely to succeed. That's just the way it is in business.

A domain name of your choice, registered to your name, hosted on your own web hosting account and with pages populated with whatever you want makes more sense than a secondhand site which, if it was turning any reasonable profit at all, would not be for sale to begin with and if it was it would not be sold at a low price.

Good luck no matter which way you go with it.


  drdeath 22:03 18 Feb 2004

Hi taran, thanks again for you valuable comments, yes im still intrested in a DVD website, but found the above mobile phone website 'possibly' a more viable option.

may i ask whats the difference between os commerce and e commerce?

again thank you for your help and advice.

  Taran 22:19 18 Feb 2004

click here for details of OsCommerce.

OsCommerce is e-commerce.

It is an open source project that runs an online trading store via the PHP scripting language with a MySQL underlying database. Anyone can download and use it for free on their site, as long as your web host account has PHP and MySQL.

It has a control panel for administration and you can use it to sell just about anything.

You still need to set up payment systems for the actual transaction of a sale, but absolutely anyone can use the OsCommerce system.

You can install Apache, PHP and MySQL on your own computer as a local testing server which allows you to play with OsCommerce and set it up however you like without being online. That way, when you are ready to put your site live you can get your domain name and web host account and go for it.


  Taran 22:23 18 Feb 2004

Take a look at 1&1 click here and their eSHOPS.

They are one of the easiest systems I have ever seen to set up and use, although they are limited in certain respects. They do offer an excellent way of getting your foot on the ladder for e-commerce though, and they also supply suitable hosting and domain registration and can offer help on setting up your financial transactions.

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